Today is the day we give thanks.  It's sad that so many people see this day as the day to express it.  I'm jumping on that boat today.

10 things i'm thankful for
  1. My health, my life, my happiness
  2. my husband and my 3 beautiful kids - life wouldn't be complete without them
  3. my family -they've supported and believed in me through all these years
  4. my friends - through good or bad I truly know who my friends are and love them
  5. the roof over my head
  6. the food on our table every day
  7. the place that we live and that we've been able to create a nice home here in PDX
  8. all that I have - i work hard for what i have and and thankful and do not apologize for it
  9. being able to sit quietly in the mornings to drink my cup of coffee - i need it! 
  10. technology - i love it & loathe it but without it I'd have little to no communication with many of my friends and family and of course for many other things that makes the days all better
These knuckleheads make me realize that I have a lot to give thanks for!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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