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Wednesday was Crash's second swimming lesson.  She is so comfortable in the water its pretty mind blowing.  Many of the lessons, for this young age, are centered around familiar toddler songs with swimming skills applied to certain phrases.  It works.  For example, we've used Humpty Dumpty to teach her how to slide into the water (this will eventually ease into jumping into the water for those kids brave enough).  I didn't really have the intention to brag but i'm going to, Crash is the only kid that is totally comfortable with the assisted back floats. My kid really, really relaxes with it, even the teacher was stunned.  She just lays there, still, belly up, legs straight will kick if I ask her to or she feels she needs to but she's comfortable on her back, in the water.  
I had a scheduled play date for Crash and her buddy (and my mommy buddy) after swim.  We rushed home to change and grab some lunch then headed straight to the Children's Museum.  I used to hate this place.  
When we first moved here and only had the boys we had membership, I went once or twice but it was so packed!  Annoyingly packed (this was summer mind you), I want to scream and run away.  When summer eded T was taking them on rainy weekends or when we were starting to feel cooped up at home. Remember we live in Portland so 9 months a year this happens a lot!  After those first few visits I vowed never, ever again!
But I've changed my tune now that i've been there a few times with elementary school in session and the only people at the museums are toddler and preschool aged children and the occasional field trip of small school aged kids.  It's totally bearable and I don't hate it anymore.  I don't think I would set foot in the place on a school holiday or a weekend during the winter, all those bad memories of the place will come flooding back!  I was feeling bad because my boys love the Children's Museum and I thought they would never be able to go but we found a happy medium.  Out of the blue I took them one afternoon after school to see the Lego Castle exhibit, it was maybe 345pm when we got there.  The place was EMPTY!  The parking lot was EMPTY!  It was actually pretty damn awesome.  We wen't explicitly for the Lego exhibit and the kids played for an hour until the museum closed.  I think I want to pick them up right after school one day so they can play at the museum a bit more.  Yay!

Starting Thursday the 10th my boys have a four day weekend.  I was excited to be home with them yesterday.  We haven't really had a lazy at home day, just the three of us, since this summer.  We lounged around in the morning, watched some TV, the kids did some drawing then I packed them up for our mom & boils date and we went to see The Three Musketeers.  We really, really loved the movie.  The sets were beautiful, the story was such an action packed adventure.  I love how the story remained classic but many of the fight scenes were modernized, thus very mesmerizing to watch.   I feel like this movie was so badly promoted that not many people saw it.  Go see it!  If you have kids go see it!  There's some killing but nothing super gory and it works with the content so kids won't be shocked or scared.  When we left the theater they were already talking about pre-ordering the DVD so they can watch it at home, see I told you they loved it.  After the movie we had part two of our date:  Lunch.  We could only agree on Italian so I took them to Pastini Pastaria so they could have pasta and I could have something not pasta.  All in all it was a good day, until Donx had an epic whiny freak out and pushed me over the edge!  But we won't go into that.  Oh yeah, yesterday was T's birthday.  We made a fantastic chocolate cake with a chocolate-coffee-buttercream frosting.  FYI....last year I was going crazy trying out different chocolate cake recipes and they all kind of sucked.  But yesterday we found it, the recipe is rich and moist and delicious!!!!!

Today is another home day, but its Veterans day so Crash is home with me and the boys.  Unfortunately T has to work so I'll be running a quick mall errand with all the kids and hopefully i'll be able to let them play at the park to burn off some energy - especially since they have a baby sitter tonight!

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