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Thanksgiving week already!  The boys have the entire week off. T only gets one day off of work. Crash knows no difference. And I'm NOT cooking a turkey, nor am I cooking any other item.  We have no family here, many of our friends are spending Thanksgiving with their small, immediate, brood - no other family or friends- and I don't want to be the one to put the invite out there that maybe we should come together.  Why?   Because I don't want to cook a turkey. In lieu of cooking i'm ordering out.  Two thanksgiving ago, when I was pregnant with Crash I was much to lazy, fat, and slow moving to cook.  We found out that one of our fantastic local restaurants, was offering Thanksgiving dinner to go for $15/pp.  This was turkey, all the sides and pie.  It was fantastic and the portion was huge - we ordered 3 orders and it was enough for about 6 people!  With this in mind we did it again but ordered 4 orders since the boys eat much more and Crash can hold her own when it comes to packing it away.  So we placed our order yesterday but we do need to place an order of cranberry sauce with Three Square Grill.  TSG is right down the hill from us.  We saw them on Food Networks, Best Thing I Ever Ate, last Thanksgiving and we had to go.  It was insanity.  I tried buying it a few times but they kept running out, then running out of containers to put them in, and when I finally caught them on a day they were in stock the place was packed and people were in there buying it and were mere hours from hopping on a plane to the east coast.  The frenzy made me buy 2 and my got it was worth it!  It was rich, thick, chunky, jam-like and delicious!  It was fabulous with dinner and it was fabulous on vanilla ice cream and on crepes! I'm excited for them again this year.

Since there is no prepping needed for Thanksgiving I can put all my energy into Christmas.  Sadly we are staying put this year.  T now has a job that will make it nearly impossible to take off 2-3 weeks over Christmas to go to Hawaii.  So we're here and for now I need to figure out whom shall go on my Christmas list (mainly family) and what I'll be making for them.  Like last year, it will be another handmade Christmas (here are some ideas from HGTV).  It may sound weird but the years I do not go to Hawaii my Christmas list is a lot shorter, you see I have family that I buy/make things for IF I do go, but if I don't I just send a card.  Weird?  I feel awkward about it but that's just how it is.  But if Im making everything than maybe I can make something small.  We'll see.

I've got some cute retro fabric that I'd love to make matching dresses for two special nieces, if I have enough fabric than i'll make shorts for their brother.  They also sisters who are  9  and 10yrs old and I have know idea what girls that age are into, im used to dealing with the younger kids.  But i'll need to start researching ideas and spend a solid week busting out all the gifts.

As for my kids, I've come along way from the days Big Red & Donx were babies and we showered them with tons of gifts.  We do not do that anymore.  Our game plan these last few years is to pick out one great thing they each want and we give them that.  Santa DOES NOT give them they best thing on their list, Santa gives them their second or third best thing.  We want to make sure mom & dad gives them the best thing.  Why?  Because these boys are crazy, independent and we have leverage holding their best toy hostage when we need them to follow directions and we feel like we can't do that with the gift from Santa.  Although I already know what T and I will be giving the boys this year for xmas and its totally on sale for Black Friday (we'll talk about that later) but I'm not one of those people that will go shopping at 2am for that 1 deal.  Nope.  If I can get it online at a reasonable price i'm good.  Crash is 2.  There is nothing she really wants nor is their anything she really needs.  I have a gift picked out for her, and its something she will enjoy because of how she plays with her baby dolls now i know she will like it.  

I've learned that it is pointless buying my kids a ton of stuff - just for the sake of buying them a ton of stuff.  They gravitate to one or two things and that's it.  And many of the things they want they only want it in that instant and after a few days they are over it.  A few years ago I made the decision not to buy them things like action figures, transformers etc...I felt like it was a flash in the pan and many of them broke and it made me want to barf, calculating how much I spent on these items that have broke and/or become discarded because they dont' want it anymore because that movie, cartoon, trend is now old new.  I like to buy them things with longevity or things I know they really want or will value much more than a stupid transformer.  I don't care what's on the "hot toy list of 20xx" if its trendy now will it still be fun to play with in a year.  So if its a transformer or a power ranger that Big Red wants (which its not he's kind of grown out of it these days its Pokemon cards) he needs to earn it by doing chores.  It's a give and take system up in our house.

Black Friday....meh......I'll hold out for Cyber Monday!  Fuck Black Friday and the craziness it instills in everyone. I'm not willing to wait in line in fucking 20 degrees so I can get scrabble for $2.00.  I'm not willing to be poked, shoved or stepped on for a $50 flat panel tv. No not me.  My mom has done Black Friday and she said its nuts, its all about strategy and going with a couple of other people.  I'm not going to lie the deals are crazy and there is something that is basically 60% off that I want to get my two boys but I am not going to Target at Midnight to get it.  I can wait for all the online deals the following Monday.  Plus many online retailers are starting deals this week.  But again, there isn't a ton of things I need to buy from these big box stores.

I enjoy shopping at our local boutiques.  I like to buy local when I can.  I like to buy handmade as much as possible.  Our local artisans create some beautiful things, yes, I may pay a little more but to do so and to see and hear the passion of the artists story, while you're holding the piece is something you don't get from Wal-Mart.  Shopping Indie, I believe is the new phrase, I like it a lot.  You end up with something unique and even if it wasn't on sale for $2 from midnight to 3am, you didn't get shoved for it, or partially trampled and you didn't have to wait in line in the dark in the cold in the rain for 2 hours to buy it!  

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