Lazy Sunday

For a November Sunday, yesterday was so ideal.  Like, ridiculously ideal.  Sunny & cool.  And after being in the sun for a bit you barely felt the chill in the air.  We had to take advantage of this perfect scenario.  

There's an awesome farmers market in Hillsdale, which is the town at the base of the hill that I live on.  It is quite the gem to have in our neighborhood and we decided to throw on some warm coats and head walk down to the market.  The Hillsdale Farmers Market was recently voted one of the best farmers market's in the West by Sunset magazine.  It really is spectacular and really brings everyone in.  The spring/summer collection is the peak, as I suspect most farmers markets are the same.  The selection is fantastic, the food vendors are restaurant quality and it seems like every time I visit there's a new stand.

The kids always have a blast when we go there, especially now that they have this great sense of pride of their elementary school and the farmers market is held within the school's lot.  We sampled a lot of produce and Donx especially loved the abundance of apple cider samples.  He begged and begged for a container of his own but T and I had a list of items we wanted to pick up and literally only brought enough money for that.  We promised him a bottle next week and lucky for us he didn't have one of his colossal bratty kid fits!

We ran into some friends, which is always a  nice surprise.  That's what I love about farmer's markets seeing your neighbors and friends in the area.  We used to be regulars at the Studio City farmers market in CA.    We loved, loved, loved it!  When I think back I feel like we were there nearly every weekend, sampling food, letting the kids take advantage of all the kid activities and it was awesome celebrity sighting, so of course I would take my mom when she visited.  But the one thing we didn't get to experience was running into people from our neighborhood.  I didn't seem to miss it then because I didnt' know any difference but having experienced it here I get it and it's really comforting and neighborhoody. 

While strolling through the market yesterday I thought I was going to faint!  OMG!  Olympic Provisions has a booth at OUR farmers market!  No Fucking Way!!!!  They are only one of my most favorite eateries in town.  They do charcuterie and they do it fucking well!!!!!

Anyway we had a great time at the farmers market and had also promised to take Big Red to comic book/gaming store in the hood called Other Worlds Games.  He has suddenly become in to Pokemon cards.  He and all his little friends have them and Donx seems to be immune but when he's around all of them he kind of gets into it and he does have a stash of cards given to him buy one of his 5th grade friends.  These cards confuse me, i have know idea what they are doing, the pictures are cute and cuddly but who knows maybe one day i'll break down and read up on how to play online and then i'll share my knowledge with Big Red who'll either think its super cool I know how to play or it will really freak him out.  But trust me i'll have to be totally at wits end with things to do before breaking down to learn this.  Big Red was so stoked to be in the store.  He's seen it before, and had been entranced by their window displays but he had know idea they sold Pokemon cards!  You know its an innocent little habit for him and its a nice change from BeyBlades, Power Rangers and Redakai! I'm totally fine with his two current obsessions:  1) the Pokemon cards and 2)Godzilla.

We stopped in for lunch at Starbucks, something we never do but T has about $100 in gift cards and so lunch was free.  Sandwiches, fruit/cheese plate, drinks and some sweet treats for the kids satiated all of us so no complaining.

On the way home we stopped at our local park, its small but big enough to let the kids run and play.  Most importantly they have enough to engage them and let them burn off some energy.  It's on the way home and we have to pass it.  Plus, lets not forget, it was a beautiful day and who knows when they'll get to play outside like that again!  They had a blast running down hills, spinning like tops in the tire swing and just genrally having fun.  It was time to leave when Crash was zoning out in the swing.  An hour of fun goes a long way with kids!  As predicted Crash fell asleep on the walk home and slept until almost 5 - that was a 4 hour nap!  With daylight savings all this walking and playing and fun stuff was a great way to get the kids on their new sleep schedule and hopefully keep them in bed.

A great Sunday for us!

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