Girl Time

I finally got out of the house without the hubby or kids in tow.  It felt great and a bit weird, kind of like I forgot something at home or that feeling you get when you realize you don't have your cell phone with you.  But whatever it was, it was much appreciated and so needed.

I hadn't seen Rachel in weeks so we met up in the Montavilla neighborhood on the Eastside. We had some cocktails and lunch at The Observatory.  The food was fantastic and the cocktails were pretty potent!  Or maybe the cocktails weren't potent but instead i've become a major lightweight, when it comes to alcohol, since having kids.  I had to cocktails and I totally felt like I had to walk for a bit before I could even consider driving.  Being in great company makes all the difference I tell ya.  I really love the Montavilla neighborhood but more times than not the stores are closed when I'm in the area so I barely get to stroll the neighborhood and check out all the offerings.  After lunch we stopped into this adorable little shop called  Branch and Birdie...god I wanted to buy everything.  Seriously they had kids clothes and stuff, women's clothes and accesseries, house wares, candles, tchochkes.  The woodland them seems to course through the veins of all portlandnites because you cannot escape it.  I'm not annoyed or bothered, I suck it up with the best of them but the selection here was great!

We did stop for some coffe at Bipartisan Cafe, well I didn't have coffee hot apple cider to be exact but the point is we did stop.  The drink hit the spot, warmed me up and was just what I needed before hitting the road.

The one thing that did freak me out while I was out was my phone battery totally died on me.  I couldn't even turn my phone on!  I hate driving at night (technically it was barely 5pm but by 5pm it is pitch black in PDX) without a functioning phone.  This just reminds me to get a car charger for my car!

In short I need more alone time with my girlie friends.  I don't need it every week, not every other week but I do need to step away from the home front on occasion.  Work kept me sane and gave me a nice balance with life away from my kids and I need to work this back into my life......just a little.   

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