Full Day Crash

Today is my second full day home with Crash.  Beginning in November I have eliminated Wed. & Fri. day care, she was only going half day in the past but I decided to just get rid of those days so we can hang out.  I've also changed up her Mon. which historically was a full day and will now be afternoon half day, meaning she doesn't go in until 12.30pm.  

We'll be taking a couple of different classes:  swimming and dance.  I'm so excited about the swimming because the girl does love water.  She is much more at ease with it than her brothers were at this age.  She lies fully in it and has absolutely no problems sticking her head in the water.  I mean until a year or so Donx and Big Red would go ape shit if water splashed in their face's.  Ugh...boys!

Anyway...knowing November was looming around the corner I was a scared.  A lot scared.  Although I have three kids i've never had to stay home with any of them outside of my maternity leave and even then, that was nothing they were all newborns and pretty much just slept and ate all day.  So being home with a very excitable toddler freaked me the fuck out!  Some of my friends laughed but when you don't know any different I guess it does sound ridiculous.  I mean, really, there was a reason I worked full time and I had no desire to be a stay at home mom.

So like I said, this is day two.  Day one was long.  Really, really long.  At one point I thought it was lunch time, I checked the time it was 10am!  Crash had only been awake for an hour and a half but it felt like four friggin hours!  I laughed.  I felt like a crazy person, laughing out loud in my house with a clueless nearly 2 year old rolling her eyes at me.  I'll figure out the routine and work out the kinks and i'll be set.  I've been looking forward to this.  I've already noticed her growing closer to me (she was closer to T) since we've spent all her half days together. 

She's got some habits I need to break and some new skills I need her to pick up it has become my mission to make this happen!

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