The wet, gray weather that the Pacific Northwest is famous for has made its grand appearance.  It's actually been hanging around for about a week now.  I like the gray and the moisture.  I don't mind the sprinkling or the mist its the days that we have the big downpours that I'm not so fond of.  But whatever, you know what you're in for when you live in these parts.

The nice thing about this constant gray is that it feels like you are living in Twilight. No, no, no....i'm only kidding, not really, but yes I am.  :)  No, but the nice thing is, it feels like holiday weather.  That time of year where everyone is eating big fat turkeys and you want to fill your belly with all these comforting foods and sweets, and it feels good to drink hot coco and hot, spiced apple cider and it feels just right to hold that warm mug in your hand, while cozying up on the couch watching the Thanksgiving Day parade or even A Christmas Story.  I love the smell of my neighborhood when I go out to get the mail.  That mix of wet nature, and rain and the smell of smoke from everyone's chimneys.

After 10 years in L.A. you get used to the occasional rainy days during this time of year but you really have no clue what you are missing until you are dead center in the environment.  The change of seasons pretty fucking awesome.  This being our 3rd fall here my boys have learned to love this.  Eagerly anticipating the trees changing colors and then having the streets fill up with gigantic leaves that have all recently fallen from their trees.  They are smart enough to know that when this happens snow is just around the corner and its all a matter of when.

They love watching it snow more than anything.  We have floor to ceiling windows on the backside of the house so the view is pretty phenomenal.  I feel lucky and am thankful that we are here and my kids are able to witness all this beauty first hand whether they are peering outside form the warmth of our home or bundled up in the driveway having the fresh, cold, falling snow fall into their mouths (which they love, love, love doing).  

I never experienced this time environment as a child, and didn't experience the changing of seasons until I was 19 years old.  So watching my kids face light up when we receive our first drops of snow, or the first leaves turning orange always brings a smile to my face.  The wander and excitement of a child is truly priceless!  Having had them experience this for a few years now i'll occasionally ask if they have any desire to move to Hawaii so they can live closer to their grandparents, aunts and uncles and it always shocks me when they say no.  And its not because they don't want to be near those people its because they don't want to miss out on the changing of the seasons.  Interesting.

Autumn is here in full glory and I'm loving it.  And you know, a little snow would be like icing on the cake!
Crash and the colorful trees & plants changing in our backyard

The boys at the water front.  This is what Fall is all about!

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