What's New

What's New-
  • Officially mother to two kids in elementary school
  • Summer is officially over and I am soooooo busy with my Etsy shops & my very part time job working for my dad.
  • Starting to freak out because I don't know how long my unemployment is going to last.
  • Soccer has taken over our household.  We always knew we wanted the boys to participate in soccer, T volunteered to "assistant coach" but he ended being "promoted" to head coach for one of the boys and assits for the other.  So he has two practices and two games/week which is a lot more then he bargained for.
  • I'm now volunteering in the classroom for Donx's class.  Its fun to see all the kids in action and seeing my kid interact with his classmates.
  • I volunteered for Big Red's class but I haven't heard back from the teacher.
  • Big Red is digressing back to some bad habits.  Not sure what triggered it but trying desperately to nip it in the bud
  • I've been asked to participate in a Holiday Craft Marketplace.  Im thinking of doing it but know my life is going to be reduced to sewing, sewing and yes more sewing.
  • Fall is finally here and I love it.  I always forget how much I love this specific season until it is upon us.  I've only noticed a few trees starting to turn orange, but the wet weather is here, the smell of the damp earth, the warmth of cozy sweaters and the fun of splashing in puddles is wonderful!
  • Baby D is still in daycare with her 3FT and 2HT schedule.  I need to eliminate the half days soon.  I want that $200 savings and I want to be able to spend those extra days with her.
In a nutshell that's it.  I'm sure I left off a ton of stuff I did want to share but i'll save it for another day and a real post.