It has been nearly 9 months to the day that I was laid off from a job I enjoyed.  It was shocking. I felt blind sided.  It took me a couple of weeks to get over the initial shock and bitterness of it all.  When it passed I swear to good I felt like the the coin was flipped over and I saw nothing but endless opportunities.  Now that time has passed there are some opportunities I wish I seized right then instead of siding with my logical side.  But, cest la vis. 

Opportunities!  I could do anything I wanted.  Be anyone I wanted.  I was excited with the idea of taking naps in the middle of a weed day.  Spending time with my kids both before AND after school.  Since T was working from home we could be like how we were pre-bambinos.  It was pretty blissful.  It's weird to think that prior to this whole no longer having a job thing I really didn't get to spend a whole hell of a lot of time with my kids, minus weekends.  And even then, with weekends I did want to catch up with some sleep no matter how teeny the amount of time.  So its been great.  My relationship with K & B is wonderful, especially with B because he was always much closer to his dad so it feels great when he now chooses to come to me first with things or even chooses to stay home with me when his dad and K have plans.

But let's not forget Crash.I'd say at this point she should be dropping her 2 half time daycare days.  And I need to talk to the school director.  No, she's not staying home full time she is just losing the 2 half days and will continue her 3 full days.  At her age I feel that the socialization she gains from daycare is a necessity.  She learns and grows from it.  The time we spend together is different.  Like I said, I need to talk to her school and make the necessary arrangements for November.

I'm now using my time with enjoying life and doing 3 PT jobs (which sometime feels like FT work)  My etsy stores are being okay.  Really, the do as good as the amount of time I invest in them and I really need to hustle with Troika Bazaar because i've been a slacker.  Much of my time has been with Mini Mob.  I sew a lot.  Mini Mob is an outlet for me so I really don't stockpile to many clothes for Crash.  Last I do work for my dad.  He's a busy guy.  Traveling the world and locally in Hawaii playing Hawaiian music.  He doesn't have time to manage his online presence so I do it for him.  All three keep me pretty busy.  Pile on the day to day home stuff and that's much like a FT job!

Now that we are all on the same page I can start new with this blog.  I was reading some of my older entries and I was much more exciting.  Since moving here I've abandoned this little guy a little and all the fun and exciting things we do gets stored in my memory and not in black and white text.  I need to get back to my blogging roots, so to speak.  And i will.  Its my promise to myself, maybe even my 4th PT job!