Pizza -Beer -Birthday Parties

We were invited to three birthday parties this weekend.  One on Saturday and two on Sunday (at the exact same time!) Wow!  But actually, my kids were invited to three parties which mean depending who and where the party was at we could do a "drop off."  *Let me take a sec and tell you that i'm so super siked my boys are now at an age that we can do the "drop off." Having to linger at a kids - classmates- party is pretty lame, you are either treated like a piece of furniture or you luck out and the parent's plan for it and you are included into the shindig.  Anyway party #1: Big Red had a soccer game so I took Donx and Crash (it was Crash comes or we all aren't coming).  I wish I could have done a "drop off" because corralling a toddler was stressful! In retrospect I wish I told the host I was dropping and leaving but it didn't go that way.  This party was for a kid that is a year younger than Donx and so were many of the guests, he didn't care but at times you could see the age gap but kids are kids and have fun on their own.  Besides the Crash wrangling, there were other adults I knew and had a great time chatting with them.

Party #2 This was for our neighbor who was turning 8.  T did a "drop off" and then spent the afternoon hanging out with Crash.  No details here but T did enjoy being home with one kid, especially when she fell asleep for her nap!

Party #3 was for Donx classmate turning 6.  It was at an indoor play park and that fact alone is why Donx chose #3 over #2.  I think it was a good choice since all the kids were in his class.  The place offers free wi-fi so I went armed with my Kindle and my iPad.  Alas, I didn't need either.  Some friends of mine, who are Donx's classmates parents showed up so I was excited to see them and hangout.  It's been a couple of weeks since I saw Megan.  It was a good time for Donx & I!  So glad I didn't need to resort to zoning out with an IPad in a sea of other parent's doing the exact same thing while their kids went crazy on the play thing.

After Party #1 I was in desperate need for some grown up action.  While at the Party I texted my buddy about hanging out in the afternoon (rude?  maybe but the party wasn't for me it was for the kids!).  We planned a picnic and hangout time at Mt. Tabor park over in SE.  I was giddy, I hadn't seen Rachel in a couple of weeks and I felt like we had so much to catch up on.  By the time the party was over and I got home and our play date guest (Big Red's Friend) was picked up it was pretty late and both Rachel's little girl and Crash were heading to snooze-land.  Picnic was ditched and we planned to reconvine after nap time.   Crash awoke at 6pm!!!!! WTF?!? I texted Rach and found out her little girl woke at 6pm as well....seriously now what?  I decided that kids were going to have some serious late night party action and invited them over for pizza & beer, we could hang, the kids could hang and the boys wouldn't have to be confined at a restaurant or anything and could do whatever it is they do when we have friends over.

The best part about this above plan, T FINALLY got to meet Rachel & Family and I FINALLY got to meet Rachels husband!  I can't even explain how awesome it is to have friends again that will come on over with no advance warning, don't blink an eye that a 645pm invite for pizza and beer with a toddler in tow is no inconvenience.  I miss this.....a lot! They came, we hung out, we drank beer and ate pizza and watched our little girls play and play and play.  Hell they were still playing, to our amazement, at 11pm!!!!  (BTW the boys were passed out randomly around the house be this hour)  Yes 11pm is pretty late and excessive for two girls not even 2 but they slept until 6, ate dinner at 8 what the hell else did you think was going to happen?  

I remember when I was kidless and we were living in Los Angeles we would have friends over all the time on Friday nights.  I dont even know if we technically invited them, maybe the first few times but after that they would just show up. We would bust out the grill, throw some steaks on, steam some edamame put together some other finger foods and just hang out noshing on family style little bites drinking sake/beer/cocktails pretty much what ever we had on hand.  It was casual and fun and nearly always on a whim.  I missed those days dearly.  I don't need a weekly event now, times are a little different but to know that I have friends again that don't need to plan for something a week in advance to just hang out is enough.  I'm not a massive planner when it comes to hanging out, you either can or can't/want to or not want to that's just what it comes down to.....So thank you Rachel for being that friend to me!

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