Party Update

I bought party decorations weeks ago.  I panic in that way, thinking all the good stuff will be gone.  I was right.  I was at Target yesterday and many of the items I did buy are long gone!  Oddly though, the one item that I thought was the absolute coolest is still available, in large quantities. It's a 3 tiered foil chandelier and it is pretty amazing for a mere $5! (Maybe i'll buy more for xmas once all the Halloween decor hits 50%-75% off!   I've since returned some things, bought others but its even'd out and I'm happy with my low key, none to cheesy and cutesy, but modern looking decor.  Lots of black and some white.  

Today I bought nearly all of the food items and/or ingredients needed for the lovely spread I am planning.  There are about 5 things on my list that I need to get but they are definitely things that I should wait and buy as close to the party date as possible so its fresh.

I'm planning:
dark chocolate dipped bacon
goat cheese pops rolled in pecans/bacon/herbs
cheese plate (with dried fruit & crackers)
spiced nuts
veg and dip
pulled pork sliders
bbq chicken sliders
asst of candy
red velvet brain cupcakes
chocolate owl cupcakes
rosemary popcorn
mac & cheese
slime rickey's
juice boxes

I think that should be enough.  lots of finger foods.  Ideally i'd like to include soprasetta and some other charcuterie but i'm refraining since that will add up in price real fast!

I'm so excited to have people over.  We live in a great entertaining house and while the weather is still nice I want to make sure to share the place with our friends!

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