Hallows Eve Party

Not gonna lie, I love myself a themed party!  When that party can be planned around a holiday even better, people get excited, spirits are listed and I can get fun themed decorations!  Next week Saturday I am hosting a Halloween Costume Party and I want to buy silly masks for those who dare to show up sans costume. That's not mean, its festive!

We're doing a family costume and i'll post pics after the soiree.  I've been slowly buying decorations mainly out of my fear of paranoia that all the good stuff will be gone if I waited until next week.  You know what, I was kind of right.  I went to Target the other day and nearly all the stuff I bought was no longer available.  I am very specific about this party, no cutesy decorations like smiling pumpkins, witches, decorative illustrated plates and napkins.  i'm going quasi-creepy, macabre but mod-(ern).  Lots of black, splashes of white, a sprinkle of orange.  I bought a bunch of white pumpkins, because seriously white pumpkins are the way to go every year.  The kids choose small regular pumpkins for themselves but for decorating I always go white otherwise we go zombie with those moldy looking green pumpkins, but that's off the subject at hand.  So, I bought some teeny white ones that i'll hallow out, drill some teeny holes and stick in tiny tea light LED lights.  I also bought a bigger white pumpkin that will be carved out, probably with a skull and fitted with LED "candles" as well.  I made a little centerpiece on the black granite counter of the white pumpkins and with some awesome deer antlers that I just happen to have on hand.  Doesn't everyone have some extra deer antlers laying around?

Food wise....ugh.  Because i'm having the party early I feel like I should provide dinner but I dont want to.  I want finger foods, easy to eat, easy to prepare, easy to clean up!  I don't really want an assortment of sweets, a few things but not a lot.  I'm torn between cupcakes (tedious, time consuming, and deco will verge on kitsch and cute) or a super tall, 3-tiered column of a cake (easy to make, hard to cut and serve but amazing statement piece on the table).  I envision the cake to be a layer of red velvet sandwiched between two layers of white cake and the entire thing iced in dyed black buttercream frosting and maybe a few "twigs & moss" on top.  Sounds pretty cool, huh?  Also planning an assortment of cheese including a goat cheese pop rolled in bacon and chives; chocolate dipped bacon, veggies and dip, some sort of savory meat dish, something simple, easy to eat, not so messy, let me know if you have any thoughts on this.....pretty please.  Drinks are easy agua, some soda, some beer, prosecco or lambrusco and a concoction called a slime rickey.   Never doubt Martha, she's got some great ideas!

So i'm super excited and have been slowly prepping and listing for this thing.  I like to go all out but not over the top and the more preparation I do the better it will come out.  We have a great house for entertaining and I want to share the space with my friends, what better way then throwing a party!

I'm hoping next Saturday won't be to cold.  I want to use my deck as an extension of the entertaining space.  Im debating on renting an outdoor heater, it will be a $50 investment that may go a very long way with friends over.

I'll post some pics as I dive into the decorating process and of course of the party.  Any of you plan on dressing up this year?