Everywhere you go (online) these days want a bio from you, this is separate from say, your Profile on Facebook.  I'm talking about services like, say, Twitter that want a mini blurb about you.  Sure you can use the same one over and over but I'm all for targeting the audience/friends I want to come away with, as they would relate to my likes and dislikes.  Some of these places have to character limitations while others do (hello 160 characters!)  


You definitely want to be you.  But at the same time you want to be appealing.  You want to be cool but not too cool because that's just arrogant.  If you have kids you may want to add that in - with character limitation you may or may not be able to include ages/genders (ugh!) You want to drill down to your essence as precisely as possible.  You want to be inviting but not so much so that you come off as just plain creepy.  

Lots of times I just include words.  I've given up on full sentences and correct punctuation. What's the point?  I figure if your bio is being read the reader is probably looking for key terms and giving you a 5 second once over in deciding if they want to friend/follow you.  It's true.  I'm sure most of us do it.  I won't judge you if you don't judge me.  

My Bio goes something like this
Wife. Mom of 3. Ex-Tech Industry. Now SAHM-minus kids being home. Food. Sewing. Design. Unicorns. 
(and typically a few other things as long as space permits)

If I were reading that, that would be enough for me to decide.  I think without the "unicorns" phrase in there I could be another person but with it I feel like it alludes to the fact that I'm maybe "fun" "quirky" "whimsical"  You tell me?  

Oh Bios.....You will be a thorn in my side for a long time.  What do you think about all this, do you fill them out?  How detailed do you get?

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