Last Week of Summer

This is the boys official last week of summer vacation.  I think overall they had a fantastic vacation and, for the most part, were kept relatively busy.  They had all types of camps and a month later are still talking about most of them and already planning their camps for next year.

I had a whole bunch of things I wanted to get done with the boys and maybe we got through half.  I don't know, maybe I was over ambitious with the activities?  The arts and crafts "room" served them well and outside of organized craft time they really had at it with the craft supplies.  The one project I really wanted to accomplish with them were terrariums and we didn't get through it.  Maybe it's something we can do together over this long and final summer weekend.  I have the containers its just a matter of buying all the other things like plants and gardening charcoal etc.....

I have no regrets over this past summer.  Yeah, so we didn't accomplish everything, but everything we did do WE had a great time.  The boys may end up being the only kids in their classes that saw every kid movie that came out between June through August.

I put many of my own things on hold.  Both my stores suffered this summer due to lack of updates but i'm okay with that.  To spend the time I did with the boys was worth it.

Today my parents are arriving.  It was a complete surprise that my dad will be joining my mom on the visit.  This was not originally planned but, my dad, after hearing how much D asks for him, talks about him, asks to look at pictures of him has decided to come.  Although he'll only be here for 2 days it will be 2 awesome days for him and the kids.

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