I've enjoyed the summer with the boys and summer is quickly coming to an end.  About 3 more weeks and they are both back in school.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I want more time because I feel like we haven't set out to do everything I wanted to but at the same time I think they would benefit from having structure again.

The youngest one has been enjoying the time off and doing things with me.  He's the more, hmmm not sure of the right word, but of the two he's the one that takes initiative and follows direction when it comes to crafting, cooking, cleaning, etc.... The older boy really follows his own beat.  If he's not into something he makes sure you know it and is totally lazy and barely pays attention to the task at hand.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  He's very, in the moment and at any given moment his mind has moved on to the next thing.  He doesn't have tantrums but he's stubborn as hell.  I've been trying to undo this mindset explaining that life is give and take and although he may not like the current activity he should get through it as best he can because the next activity may be something he likes better.  Or if he wants Y then he has to be an active participant in X (which may be something his brother wants to do)  I think its barely sinking in.  Definitely of the two he's the one that raises my blood pressure.  Its weird because he's the more subdued, laid back and sensitive of the two boys.  He just has a one track mind and that is "me, myself and I."

Anyway, I'm starting to think that many of the activities have been great and they enjoyed all their camps this summer but  I've definitely learned for future summers that all activities should be scheduled as early in the morning as possible and end at lunch.  This provides the boys a reason to wake up early in the mornings, gets dress, and head out.  Very similar to their school days.  But this would also allow me to handle the house business in the a.m. and then have afternoons free to do things with the boys like movies, museums, zoo, parks, play dates etc....  You live and learn right?

Im sure the whole back to school thing will be completely bittersweet.  No more mom & boys time but I will be there for them everyday afterschool.  My oldest will be back to his stomping grounds while my youngest will be entering the public school system wide eyed and excited.  Such a huge moment to have both my boys off to elementary school.  I want to make the most of these last few weeks.  And have fun with them.  I want to let their little quirks roll off my back as best I can.  A little dab of fairy patience dust would be greatly appreciated.

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