Summer is in Full Swing

Don't let the shitty summer fool you but summer is in full swing at my home.  The boys are now in week two of summer camp and loving every minute of it.  They are also on day 4 of a 2-week intensive swimming clinic.  We've been to Hawaii and back.  Had grams come and visit for a week and my aunt will be in town tonight.  Not bad considering we're only two weeks into July.

So summer camp.  My kids attend a local private school that holds a Summer Discovery Program every year.  K attended last year so there was no discussion of where they would go this year.  The weekly programs are well thought out, challenging and educational.  I'm all for fun in the sun but when we're paying i'd like for them to learn something as well.  The camps are half day so they boys are home by lunch so we still have a majority of the day to do things.  Last week K attended a comic book writing course he learned terminology, principles with both writing and illustration and they did a lot of drawing.  At the end of the week the class compiled a comic book in which they all contributed to and a copy of it will reside in the schools library for years to come.  Also last week B attended a Lego Engineering class, K took it last year and with the info from his brother and his love for Lego it was a no brainer that he would be enrolling.  This week K is in a Mysteries of Science camp while B is in a Native American Culture camp.  They seem to be enjoying it and I know they are having more fun then being home with me 8+ hours per day.  It's so exciting picking them up every afternoon and hearing all about their morning and the stories they heard and lessons they learned.  They are genuinely enthusiastic about it and it is so obvious they are learning something.

I feel it is so important that learning continues through the summer and that they don't forget all the principles they learned the previous school year.  Outside of camp the boys are doing daily workbook lessons in a summer bridge workbook series.  The workbook builds on what was already learned from their previous school year and what they can anticipate this upcoming fall.  It also focuses on reading time and its nice because it allows me to ensure that I give them time for reading whether its K reading to me or me reading to K and B.

The boys are also continuing with their swimming lessons and are in a 2 week intensive clinic.  Im pretty confident that with the daily lessons they will be advancing to the next level in August when they will be in round 2 of another 2 week clinic.

The schedules are busy but they are 7 and 5.5 years old and it needs to be.  We have downtime together and i'm soaking up every bit of it.  We do arts and crafts, watch movies, read, play outdoors all the things kids should be doing in the summer.  I do wish there were more museums around, like in LA.  I do miss that dearly.  We're making the most of what is available to us and when we get a break from morning camps I can't wait to take the boys on some easy hikes around town!

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