Yesterday my mom asked if I wanted to contribute a memory to Popo's funeral.  My aunt, my mom's older sister, is writing something out on behalf of the four sisters.  Talking about Popo's life and memories of her.  I felt strange when asked the question.  I explained that I definitely didn't feel right on writing something on behalf of all the grandchildren.  I'm the oldest but the next in line is nearly 13 years younger then I am.  I felt like my memories with Popo would be so greatly different then theirs that it wouldn't be right for me to do this for all of us.  

In typical Amber fashion I didn't give my mom a definite answer.  I told her if I do come up with something I'll send it over but if she doesn't get anything in the next couple of days then take that as a no thanks.

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes.  Thinking of all the memories I have of my Popo.  I had her to myself for so long and my memories are held so close to me.  I cherish those days.  Many of my memories are no longer crystal clear but the moments that count and mean the most to me are vivid.  With all the emotion I woke up with I planted myself down in front of my laptop and cried my way through two pages of memories I had of Popo.  They were honest and funny and hopefully they will touch all those that come out to say their last goodbyes and then celebrate Popo's life with us.

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