June came and went.  Seriously.  I've been home with B for a month and it doesn't even feel like it.  K has been home for 2 weeks and seems to be enjoying every second of it.

Camps haven't started for the kids.  Circus Arts was originally suppose to start tomorrow but sadly had to be rescheduled due to some unforeseen travelling.  But back to camps for a second.  Is this what kids do these days, camps?  Where camps set up in weekly installments and parents are able to pick and choose what weeks, and in some cases days, they want their kids to attend?  
When I was a kid, you were enrolled in summer fun, which lasted from June through August.  We were kept busy every day all day from the end of the school year to the start of the next.  It was a lot of fun.  There were field trips, swimming, crafts, hiking tons of fun activities.  Times have changed a lot and I wonder if you can even find a 10 week long summer program now???

My kids first camp will begin on July 5.  The boys are taking to different camps the older is in a comic book writing workshop while the younger will be attending a Lego engineering.  My older to the Lego camp last year and loved it!  Between then and now the younger one has grown to love Lego just as much and wanted to take the camp this year. I know the'll both love it and i'm totally excited for them.  This will also be the kick off week for the rest of the summer.  Camps every week, weekly art classes, two intensive swimming sessions and sports! I cringe at all my driving around but its worth it to see them with a routine and something new and exciting to look forward to every day.

I really want to get the baby involved in some swimming classes but this may be best handled when the boys return to school in the fall and i can focus my attention on her.  She loves the water so I'm not to worried about any "adjustment to the water" period the swim school is so concerned about.

Since its been relatively warm these last couple of weeks we've had the water table and little pool set up on the deck everyday.  The boys like play in the water but quickly gets bored which is fine - they are much more entertained climbing the tree in their fort and hunting for bugs.  The baby, on the otherhand, loves the readiness of all the water fun.  She comes home from daycare and beelines it for the water table.  We have one of these and it is fantastic!  The water spinner wheel is so entertaining for her, hell, I've had moments where I sat their and watched the water splash down with the sun shining on it.  The baby loves scooping and pouring water over and over.  

We still have the sand table the boys used to play with.  Although it is no longer filled with sand I've been thinking of turning it into a sensory table of sorts and filling it with either rice or beans so the kids can play with trucks and scoopers in it.  I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it.  Any recommendations on what would make a good filler for the sensory table. There is a lid for the table so the outdoor elements won't get to whatever will be in there.  The other plan i had for the old sand table was to turn it into a planter but decided to wait because there will come a day when the kids outgrow the table all together and then we can use it as a little deck planter and I can place some herbs or succulents in there to flourish.

Over the last several weeks we've spent the weekends on the coast. Beaches here are so drastically different than the beaches where I spent my youth, in Hawaii.  But do not discount the Pacific Northwests beautiful beaches.  They are so different but incredibly beautiful!  The kids are not bummed that they aren't able to swim, cold and even freezing water, does not stop them from running in and getting knee deep in the water.  Three weeks ago we headed to Cannon Beach.  We set ourselves up at Haystack Rock and had a fantastic day running along the water, digging holes, taking pictures, hunting for shells and sea glass.  The boys gathered up a bunch of driftwood and want to plant air plants in them for the house.  On the drive back home I popped The Goonies in the DVD player and the kids were floored that they recognized Cannon Beach right away - it immediately grabbed their attention for the movie.

Two weeks ago we spent the afternoon at Fort Stevens, just north of Seaside.  I loved it. Fort Stevens is an old military place (between the Civil War and WW2)  There are bunkers, ammunition bunkers, the old hospital, museums and more.  But today it is also a big campground with camping spots, yurts and cabins.  The beach there is beautiful.  The sand was an amazing gray color, the shore was littered with sand dollars (which the boys scooped up by the handfuls) and best of all right on shore is an shipwreck from 1906!  At low tide you can climb into what reminds of the old beaten hull and check it out.  We were lucky enough to arrive at low tide so we could all really explore and get a good look.  The kids have been really enjoying themselves on these weekend excursions and don't even mind the ride out.

Making lasting, wonderful memories for my kids is my priority.  We enjoy the moments as they are happening.  We talk about them when we're done.  If we did it right by the kids I hope these memories are with them for a long, long time!

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