Hello, 2am

I blog a lot in the middle of the night.  I can't help it really, the house is quiet, kids are asleep, I can more clearly hear my thoughts.  Middle of the night is my time!  I like it.

We've finally decided to move the boys to the downstairs bedroom.  This is a bit sooner then we originally planned but D has a ton of stuff and its starting to spread around the house and really, she needs her own space for it all.  Im not one for having so many toys in the living room.  Looking at it all day is frustrating, its an eye sore.  Another thing is D is able to climb the bunk beds and if she wants to hang out in the room with her brothers T or I has to be in there at all times.  Sure the boys are older than her and look after their baby sis, but they would no sooner let her get up to the top bunk with them then have us come in their current bedroom and end the party.

Since D has been in our room all this time I didn't really go through that whole, creating a nursery thing like I did for the boys.  I set up the crib, put up a Calder-esque mobile and some wall art, placed her clothes in an extra closet and called it a day.  However, now that she will be moving into her own room I need to do some minor decorating.  The room color is a nice yellow which I like.  I personally would have gone for gray (well I would paint all three kids room gray given the chance) but the yellow has totally grown on me and I enjoy it.  She has a modern, minimal white crib, white dresser, a two row cubed Ikea bookshelf, some artwork i've been saving for just this day, and  white two shelf with cubbies.  She doesn't need much just a decent sized rug, a lamp, night light, maybe a few extra pieces of art and some little tchtchokes to hold things like barrettes and brushes.  By far the biggest headache has been the rug.  These are the four we're considering:

Ideally we'd like a black & white rug, really a striped one but we're open to other b&w options hence the above selection.  The rug has to be soft, nothing braided or thin.  The striped one above is wonderful but I don't remember it being plush and I need to go back to look at it.  Now, the wrench in all of this, before I knew D was gonna be in our room and I was planning/envisioning a nursery I only envisioned a cowhide rug.  I think cowhide rugs in kids rooms are so awesome.  No matter if the room is modern, minimal, traditional, etc..a cowhide rug seems to match and warm the room up.  I don't want a black & white hide and would much rather have a rich brown and white hide like the one above.  Lots to  mull over.  

I have a great vintage lamp, that I've actually had for about 15 years+ that i'm thinking of making D's lamp.  But I run the risk of her pulling it down at this age.  Its a ceramic base of a doe standing in some grass.  It's all ceramic and the grass is actually a little planter which I use as a catch all for keys or change which would work for holding little trinkets.  The shade is pretty awesome since its from the 50s.

The downstairs shuffling about is a bit more tricky.  The boys are going into one of the guest bedrooms that T currently uses as an office.  The wall colors are insane, the carpet is ugly and there is a ton of furniture currently in their.  This is the plan.  There is an adjacent sunroom, which is currently being used as a playroom, and its pretty damn huge, like living room size, we're going to put in a divider and use half the room as the kids playroom (there are sliders in the guest room that lead to the playroom) and the other half as the computer/office area so the following will need to be done:

-make divider, on casters, and put in place
-move desk and shelves to new spots
-paint 2 of the 4 bedroom walls and paint base molding
-re-hang kids artwork
-re-build bunk beds in new room
-hang blinds in playroom/office (that room gets a lot of sun!)
-move remaining boys furniture into new room
-move and unpack boys stuff (books, toys, clothes etc...)

Doesn't seem like a long list but its a ton of work!

Since the boys will now have a new bathroom for themselves I'll need to move the artwork  from their current bathroom into their new bathroom which means I want to find a little something for the upstairs bathroom since the wall will be bear.  I like typography art prints and have been scouring etsy for one.  Many of them are very inspirational, which is fine with me.  I'm not sure if I should go serious or witty or geeky.  Since this is the bathroom that guests who are visiting use I don't want it to be offensive.  Seriously to many kids from the under 10 year age set come through this house so it can't be to crazy.  I've found some cute, literal ones that say stuff like "don't forget to wash your hands." Boring?  maybe.  But fitting for the space.  I have a bunch of art that needs to be framed and I keep convincing myself I don't need to buy anything. I can restrain, no big deal but I've gone bookmark crazy on my laptop!

So this has been consuming me these last few days.  Well that and B, he's on his second week of summer vacation.  So far its been just me and him.  K is out next Tues and D will go to nursery school during the summer with 2 half days/week.  Summer is going to be awesome!  I can just feel it!

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