And The Day Is Just About Here

Tomorrow is K's last day of school.  Kindergarten will be no more and he will be a soon to be first grader.  It's so bittersweet!

My first child is growing up so quickly.  He has grown, developed, and learned so much this year it is truly amazing.  In September K started the school year with the ability to recognize the entire alphabet, write his name, write the alphabet, and sound out the letters.  He is ending the year with the skill to the read.  I've been waiting for this.  He loves books.  He loves to look at them, piles them into his bed at night and sleeps surrounded by all the magical, fantastical and amazing words.  When he isn't in the mood to read he loves being read to and he loves to relax in bed to audiobooks.  Stories.  Big magical stories are what he loves.

The Magic Tree House series takes him to place he can only fantasize about.  He learns history and culture.  He soaks it in.  Enjoys every last ounce.

Library time for him has been great.  He expands his book range and has time to read the book with a "reading buddy."  Its so awesome.

My boy has grown up so much.  I'm both happy and sad.  He's my baby and he knows it.  

He is already looking forward to next fall when he's the big guy and can show his little brother the ropes at his school.  Next fall i'll be a mess when I wave goodbye to both my boys as they board the school bus.  But that's a story for September.

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