To Fast

We had a really quick pit stop in seattle these last two days.  We drove up early saturday morning, hung out around capital hill, shopped a teensy bit then headed to our hotel.  on sunday may family was in town for a 7 hour layover.  6 of my family members went on the 7-day alaskan cruise (jealous!) and the shipped returned to seattle on sunday.  so, we drove out to hang with them.  it was great seeing my relatives, outside of my mom and dad we really dont get to see many relatives unless we travel back to hawaii.  although i wish the layover was in pdx so i could have shown them our town seattle ain't to shabby.

i remember when we moved to pdx, I couldn't believe how teeny tiny this town is.  you could go from one end to the other in no time flat.  i was bothered so much by the way portlanders drove.  slow and slower and extra cautious.  dangerously cautious.  people were nice and it freaked me the fuck out.  so, we go to seattle and we're on the freeway and i'm floored at the amount of times we tried to change lanes on the freeway and people won't let you in.  the rudness of cab drivers (we hailed a cab and needed to divide our group of 10 to get in the cab, we took to long sorting it out, even though we were also speaking with the driver, that he just god annoyed and took off!) the overly, trafficked city etc....it made me miss our teeny tiny little strange town.  small is good.  i love big cities but i so appreciate our little city.  i can only imagine what would happen if we moved back to LA

family is always nice to see.  i miss mine dearly.  i want my kids to know my family, to really know them.  i know we miss out on so much living thousands of miles away.  we try to go back often but with 3 kids its quite pricey and also quite the production.  my boys were so excited to see their cousins (aka aunties) today.  B especially.  he loves family, and seeing family.  he feels the bond and embraces it.  although lots of driving was involved it was worth it to spend this time with family.  i would do it again and again.

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