Life As I Know It

I've been neglectful again!  I go on these benders with the blog where life just gets ahead of me and I have zero time to document.  Wait.  I'll rephrase.  I probably do have the time to document but I have a jillion things going on in my head that this falls low on the priority list.

Today B has a mid-day event at the elementary school.  It's a welcome party for all incoming kindergartners for the 2011-2012 school year.  He is so stoked!!!!!  I'm super excited and it is such a bittersweet moment.  As of this upcoming September i'll have 2 of my little men in elementary school.  B has heard so much about our local school from his big brother, has spent many an afternoon playing at the school's playground that I think the excitement of actually going into those big green front doors is something he's wanted for awhile. 

K is excited for his brother to see everything he's been talking about all these months.  We're hoping to catch a glimpse of K in his 5-day a week environment.  K is well aware that he only has a month left of school and then its summer break.  He's learned so much, so far.  It's mind blowing to see him mature and development like he has.  what i'm most excited about is his reading ability!  He started the school year with a wonderful letter recognition and the ability to identify a few basic words to full blown reading.  

Wow time is flying by.

My two etsy shops has really kept me so busy.  Troika Bazaar is doing fantastic.  It's what I know.  What i'm comfortable with.  And i'll keep doing it as long as I can.  It's been fun going out on my weekly hunting trips and going through all the amazing vintage i've been hoarding for so long.  I've got to start lightening my load as i've been holding on to so much for so long.  Except for a few key pieces I've decided to sell it all.  Mini Mob has been a love affair come true.  I love sewing.  It's been such an outlet for me.  Whether there is failure or success it doesn't matter to me, i'm doing it for me.  I need to work with my hands and this allows me to do so.  I'm trying hard to branch out with Mini Mob but it's tough.  I can't put my heart into items that I don't care about and am only making to appeal to a larger audience.  I have to keep it true to me and if that means a narrower audience so be it.  I will keep doing it because I love it and that's that.

As of the end of March I have officially separated from the Big Purple-Letter-I-Probably-Should-Not-Disclose.  I thought i've been doing well with the whole being laid off thing.  But give me to much silence and feelings of bitterness and resentment starts to surface, and how I hate those feelings!  I have yet to unpack my box of stuff that my ex-boss mailed to me.  It contains all the personal items I left behind on my desk.  I did quickly sift through the box but I have not unpacked.  I was upset about something I noticed missing.  On my last day in the office I specifically told my boss that there were things in my file that were not work related.  Personal items.  Certificates I had earned, my resume, some other things and that if he could please ensure that those items were sent back to me.  Well, did he pack them up.  FUCK NO!  It makes me so upset knowing my boss didn't send it to me after I explained to him that I wanted them and that they were personal and that he acknowledged what I had told him.  Oh well.  Nothing I can do about it now.

Enough about that, i'm kinda over it.

Life has moved on.

I'm so looking forward to spending time with the boys.  I'm planning on keeping D on her current daycare schedule until I get a handle on having the boys home with me everyday.  They are enrolled in many programs throughout the summer and if everything runs smoothly I may alter D's schedule to keep her on the 3 full days but remove the 2 half days she currently is signed up for.  It's going to be fun.  If you've never been to Portland in the summer, seriously you are missing out.  It gorgeous.  There are many, many festivals.  There are wonderful outside activities.  It's going to be fun & action packed!

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