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Im staring down the tunnel of being wide awake in the middle of the night.  I really would like to sleep, really, really, badly.  I suppose I could lie in bed.  Or read. But i'm not. I'm at my laptop, likely making this whole staying up late thing worse.  I know why this is happening.  I had coffee past my 11am cut off time.  I'm sensitive to the caffeine.  Through trial and error I figured out if I stop in ingestion by 11am i'll be good to go to bed at a decent hour.

But here I am.  1.20am....Heeeelllloooo.  This isn't even that bad, at least once every 10 days I'm up until 4.30 and waking at 7am.  So not to shabby....sorta.

I've been feeling a bit stressed these last couple days.  Part of my being laid off terms was that my ex-employer would pay for health care for x amount of amounts (part of which is COBRA).  Well, that expires this month.  COBRA is hella expensive and the thought of having to pay that bill every month brings tears to eyes and sends my heart and blood pressure into a tail spin!

We have a couple of options to avoid the whole cobra thing:
1)Look for private health care for me & T and get the kids enrolled in the slide-scale fee/free state health care for children
2)T would need to find a job outside of the house that would provide insurance for us all.

I'm banking on option #2.  But researching option #1 for me & T and submitting apps for kids.

Without going into to much detail, I think T really hates working for other people.  He has his own business and will occasionally do consulting jobs for other companies to bring in extra income and/or as his time allows for it.  Except for the flexibility, I would much prefer that T becomes employed and have a "traditional" job mostly for the benefits and stability.  Things are progressing ok in this area for him, but the job market here sucks so its been bumpy.  With such a high unemployment rate here in OR I feel like employers really drag their feet because they are able to really be uber selective in finding candidates.  Ugh!

It's been a rough few nights with D.  Her canines are ready to bust through and she had a cold.  She was a complete mess!  Waking every hour or so, ingesting so much damn milk her diapers were on the verge of exploding every morning (and that counts being changed in the  middle of the night).  Last night was good.  She was peaceful and slept so soundly. I'm hoping for a repeat for the next few nights! D is "growing up" so quickly and it really makes me happy to think I'll be able to spend much more time with her this summer since ill be home.  She's really glued to T right now which is fine, he loves his babies.  He's much more a baby person than I am.  Don't get me wrong, I love my kids but his patience level with them is in another stratosphere in comparison to mine.

B ends his pre-K career next week.  He's so excited for summer.  But he's even more excited that he's out of school 2.5 weeks before his older brother.  This means home time-adventures and activities with me!  I've started filling in my summer calendar with various activities around all the camps they will be attending.  He's informed me that it is very important that we include cooking at least once per week on the real stove/oven and the easy bake oven (which reminds me I need to find some easy bake oven friendly recipes online).

K seems to be more preoccupied with his upcoming birthday than ending kindergarten.  He wants a ginormous party like last year (we rented out a movie theater and had a party in their party room).  I've informed him that won't be happening but I've been planning a decent sized blowout at home, im just deciding if I want a theme or not.  Maybe Lego?  

I need to start working out again, especially since the morning weather is bearable.  I started walking/jogging in Jan but it got so bitter cold for a couple of months that I had to stop.  Then I was sick for weeks so another bump in the road.  The planets are now aligning for me so I need to go for it.  I feel fat and gross and need to do something about it.  My eating habits are really good. Portion sizes are small and filling, some small snacks during the day, not much sugar at all.  I've revved up that part I just need to mix the exercise back in.  I'm excited.  No, for reals, I am!

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