Here Comes The Summer

My not so baby boy has his Pre-K graduation tomorrow evening!  I cannot believe how quickly he has grown up.  Next fall i'll have two kids in elementary school and just one little baby left.  B would hate knowing I still refer to him as my baby, its few and far between that he allows me to get away with calling him "baby."  K on the other hand is totally fine with it and gets that no matter if he's 6 or 26 he's still my baby.  B is hung up on things like "baby," "little," "small."  No clue why, he just is.

Anyway, Pre-K graduation!!!!  Exciting.  Sad.  Bittersweet.  And after Thursday, my little dude and I will be hanging out until K's school lets out for summer.  Summer is booked solid with camps, swimming, art classes and activities with mom!  Im soooooo looking forward to it.  While I'm off with the boys little D will be in daycare per usual.  I think it is the best option for us all.  Her half days will be spent brining her along to 18mo baby friendly activities like the park, finger painting and playing at the big fountain at the waterfront.

Yesterday I finally made my way down to the library and got myself a library card.  I checked out some audiobooks and a few craftbooks to bulk up my activities with the kids.  Oh, how i've missed the library.  Since I got my kindle in February I no longer purchase books (with minor exceptions) so having the library resource just down the street is going to be wonderful!

I'm so excited to dig into crafts with the kids.  I feel like ive missed out on so many things with them.  My goal is to make this one fun, exhausting and above all memorable summer for all of us!

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