Etsy Store

I finally got my shit together and opened an etsy shop. 

I've been making dresses for D since before she was born and really went full blown a few months ago.  I dreamt big and realized D that if I kept up on my current course D would have a new dress for every day of the month.  Not a bad thing, but not a good thing either!  This is when I realized I need to design my own dresses, make them and sell them.

I have very discerning tastes to what I think is cute for a little girl (or little boy).  I have a hard time finding what I like out there.  I took matters into my own hands and started making her stuff.  Thus MINI MOB  was born.

Check out my etsy shop:  http://minimob.etsy.com  

The shop is a bit sparse and i'm growing it everyday.  Adding new fabrics.  Increasing the size range.  But its getting there in the meantime its open for business.  Here's a preview:

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