Amber 2.0

I've noticed a few new things about myself over the last year or so (fyi....lazy blog post coming up)

  • I read a lot less gossip blogs than I used to. I don't miss it and I really don't seem to care to much
  • Shopping. I still love it. I do a lot less of it. I now embrace quality over quantity.
  • Cooking. I'm awesome in the kitchen. I make an amazing tuscan lasagna as well as homemade chocolate ganache.
  • Portland or unemployment or a combination of both has really injected a new found flow of creative juices. And it feels amazing.
  • Stress. Huh? What's that?
  • I now know the feeling of embracing the moment.
  • I also know the meaning of enjoying live.
  • My time doesn't go by as quickly.
  • I'm on the computer a lot less. Sometimes I miss it. But i'll give myself maybe an hour a day to catch up on all my friends daily updates and i'm good.
  • I've become much more frugal with everything and now understand "reward points" given to you by banks and credit card companies.
  • Example, today a new Food Processor came in the mail that we paid zero dinero for! We cashed in our saving's account reward points for it. So awesome.
  • I smile everday.
  • I purposefully take a few moments everyday to reflect on everything in my life.
  • I get outside more often and enjoy the greenery.
  • I'm really okay with lots of rain and lots of gray. The upside, it really makes me appreciate warm sunny days! :)
  • I've turned into quite the forecaster. My kids have more than 50% of the summer already scheduled out for them.
  • When mom visits, we argue A LOT less!
I'm liking myself a lot these days. The person I am becoming makes me happy.

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