Since the opportunity to be home full time has surfaced i've become sewing fiend. I've soon lil D a ton of new clothes, so much so i'm now working on things that won't fit her until this time next year! Luckily I have a handful of friends that all had babies a few months after me and birthday's have been coming up thus the opportunity to sew for other people.

I love sewing. I lose myself in the technique and process. It calms me. It relaxes me. I get excited with each new day that i'll get to create and end the day with a finish product(s).

I've moved on from sewing with a given pattern. I've started to alter them, create my own and on occasion free form it and see what the outcome is.

I post some of the items i've made on Twitter but never on Facebook. Why not Facebook? Not sure. The audience is wider. Maybe more judgmental-I don't know. Just didn't want to share on that medium. But now I'm ready to share.

I've shown my dresses to a handful of people and they have been well received and I continually receive the same feedback. I've scoured many a children's boutique and find it hard to buy stuff knowing that my skills have escalated to a level in which I can make most things if for D.

I think i'm going to take the next step and test the waters with an Etsy shop. I'm thinking of posting just a few items and see where that leads. I've got other ideas up my sleeve to make a new "collection" of dresses once i've exhausted or grow bored of what I do now. Honestly I don't think i'll ever get bored but you can never tell. More about this later, i still need time to think it through.

I don't, well, I haven't made anything for the boys yet except aprons since they love to cook. Boys have such limited options. I wanna make them pants but nothing to crazy. When my mom was visiting she was encouraging me to buy all kinds of flamboyant fabric to sew them pants. I'm all for creative expression but I do have a line. We'll see though. If the right fabric presents itself I'll make them clothes. for now they get aprons and plushies. The plushies is an entirely separate beast - my boys go nuts about it and I typically allow the boys to draw it out and if I need supplies for it they come with me and pick out the fabric and all the accouterments.

Anyway, sewing. Yes, sewing has become my BFF. I've fallen back in love and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. My days feel productive and I feel fulfilled. My mind is working in ways it hasn't been able to do in years. Having a creative outlet has been so amazing I can't even articulate. This is what my job of the last 10--years has been lacking creativity. When I would talk about my job I didn't have a bad thing to say but felt like it lacked me using my brain to its full potential. Maybe this is the beginning to my new chapter.

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