Nuthin' but Time

It's been about a month now. I've been busy. I haven't hit the big, concrete wall of boredom yet. I think with 3-kids that would be tough.

I cannot say I'm a stay-at-home mom because im not, really. I mean i'm home. I do all the wife/mom house duties but my kids, they aren't staying home with me. They all go their respective schools and with summer around the corner I'm still not keeping all 3 home with me. But enough about that.

I've been reflecting on my life these last few years and its been good. I'm happy with how my family is turning out and all that I have accomplished. But my life, minus the kids and the husband, what now? Professionally, what now, to clarify. I've thought long and hard about what I want to do and I really don't know. I feel like my skills are limited. This job I had, I had it for 10 years. My first JOB out of college. Like, real, career job. I went to school for graphic design and i love design. i love art. but do i want to do it for a job? not so much, i dont think i love it like that, i think being forced, by other powers, to create would ruin the joy i have for it. I'm in no rush. But the fact that when i ask myself "what is it I want to do?" leaves me with a big question mark, well, its exciting! For the first time in my life I have zero direction, zero professional responsibility. So long I can take care of my family needs i'm okay with this.

im having a great time doing whatever it is I CHOOSE to do everyday. T and I are toying with the idea of moving abroad for a year. Why not? The kids can go to school anywhere. Plus moving the out of the US to learn and live a new culture is so much more then they would ever gain from school. My kids are adventurers like T and I and its awesome. Maybe this will be the next step in my new path????

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