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I feel like handicapped parking is a necessary evil. I believe in the need for them, and honestly believe there are people out there that really benefit from this type of parking space. However I feel that this is the most abused parking spot in any parking lot.

99.9% of the time the people I see coming and going from cars parked in handicapped stalls are not "handicapped." What exactly constitutes a person handicap that they would need to have the parking pass? Polio? Old age? A fractured left index finger? Tell me please, I'm genuinely curious.

I'm sure many people (illegally) "borrow" a relatives' parking pass. I mean it really pisses me off when I see a car speeding through the lot, slide into a handicap spot, the pass gets popped onto the mirror and out comes a youngish, fully able person skipping out of their vehicle and into their store. I don't know if I'm more pissed because that person is abusing the system (and getting away with it) or because I had to park out in Siberia and its pouring rain and I forgot an umbrella.

I'm not going to lie, there have been so many times that I wish I had my grandmother's pass. It sucks when you have to run into a store for 2 minutes for something essential and there are no stalls except for the that one over in the satellite parking, across the freeway and its hailing!

Two more side notes on handicap parking stalls.

I don't understand that rationalization behind stores that have in excess of 10-15 handicapped stalls. Really? That many, huh? Just beckons to be abused because I don't think i've ever seen that many handicapped people in one store at once, that is unless a sprang/fractured finger is grounds for being considered handicapped. Could be my ignorance, well it likely is, but maybe its in relation to the size of the store. Eh? sounds fishy.

The second thing is when I see tiny little vehicles like a flashy, red Lotus in a handicap stall. Again, really? If you are injured or handicapped, and really need extra accommodation would you really be driving such a small, uncomfortable car? Again, sounds fishy.

My point here is handicapped parking is so blatantly abused. Its annoying as hell. I feel bad for the people who really need them but can't find a spot and have to park next to me in Siberia due to the inconsiderate fuck in her Ed Hardy shirt and red Lotus who borrowed her grandma's pass so she could park real close to run into CVS to buy lip gloss and tampons. I should be come a parking lot watchman, along the lines of the "super-heroes" in Kick Ass, and take matters into my own hands. Ah.....the satisfaction of waxing out my pet peeves.

Or maybe not.

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