Don't call me a Housewife

Ive been home for almost a month now. I haven't really done much but I like it. It's my time remember. However.

  • I've made D a ton of clothes.
  • I've learned to bake things i've never baked from scratch before.
  • I've learned how to make different types of frostings.
  • We have not eaten one semi-processed dinner.
  • I've pinched hit for my friend and babysat her daughter.
  • We've had zero laundry over flow.
  • I've done some pre-spring yard cleaning, once I caught glimpse of the daffodils pushing through.
  • I have yet to leave my pajamas on all day.
I say those are some accomplishments.

I wanted to start walk/jog/run every morning and for awhile I was but then it got super cold and I got sick. Im still getting over it. I'm bummed that I haven't been able to exercise but count me back on the wagon once this illness goes away.

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