And the Story Rolls On

Three Weeks + a few.

That's how long i've been at home.


I've learned to make a cake from scratch. Learned to make frosting from scratch. Ganache from scratch. I've used a cookie cutter to make cookies, something I've never done because I've never had the time. I bake with the kids. We do it slowly and carefully. something i've never done because time wasn't my friend, nor was patience.

Time is my friend now. I have lots of it. Some days more time then I know what to do with. I don't spend it zonked out in front of the TV, surprising huh. I've been productive. I've been creative. One thing I do need to do is spend more time reading. I have books to catch up on. I have the time to read so no excuses.

Keeping my mind active has been the biggest challenge but i'm slowly making progress.

I'm in a good place right now. I used to have chest pains that were totally stress and anxiety driven. Since I became jobless I no longer get those pains. AMAZING!

I'm relaxed. Just creating my own story now.

I promise my posts will pick up and not be so bland. Im just sorting things out right now. Figuring out the loosely drawn blueprints of my future and letting it organically come to be.

But right now, I'm good.

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