Livin' in Twenty Eleven

So, yeah, its been awhile. New year, same shit I guess. Let's see.

We flew out of PDX mid-December and went to Hawaii where we remained for three weeks. It was the single longest trip back to Hawaii we had made since college. It was relaxing. I was happy. I wondered why we even left the island. So much has changed. Changed for the good and the bad, but mostly good. There is so much to see. There is so much to do. Life is slower. Slower than PDX even. Anyway, seeing my family was so great. My cousins are now all in their 20s so its nice to be able to hang out and go to bars and clubs or whatever else we want to do and know that we can all go. Many of my cousins have babies. Babies my kids age. So they love it. They can play all day from morning to night. I just wish it wasn't so expensive to live there. IF I could keep my job and T does what it is he does we could totally make it work but I think working remotely from hawaii isn't really an option. Anyway vacation was super and I wish I could have stayed a lot longer!

I don't even know when I last posted. I guess that's irrelevant. Two of my kids had birthday's in December. Crash is now 1 while Fresh Kid B is 5. God time is flying by.

T is in transition with work. He's finding his current employment not ideal and feels like since he's working as a consultant/contractor he is getting a shaft. Short version his paycheck is always late and its not good for us - I can't plan bills etc.... So until he is caught up with pay he is no longer going to exert any effort on their projects and instead focusing on some other things not with that company. Anyway, I need him to figure out what he's doing. I think he'd like to work part time so he can shuffle the kids around to classes, school, doctor appointments etc...i'm happy with whatever he does I just want to know what it is so I can plan against it. That's all I ask.

While I was in Hawaii I had the chance to visit my cousins grave. She's buried at the same cemetary as three of my grandparents so I visited my dad's parents, could not find my mom's fathers grave and I stayed at Melissa's grave for a long while. I did not expect to feel the force of a black veil being thrown over my head. Seeing her name in that gravestone really did hit me like a ton of bricks and the tears flowed fast and furiously! By the looks of her grave she is sorely missed and so loved! That made me so happy to see all of that.

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