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#1 My oldest son got his tonsils out a week ago. He took 2 doses of the liquid vicodin and nearly gagged both times. From then on he only took ibuprofen. I think he was so scarred from the vicodin that he cried every time he needed the ibuprofen. I know he needed it and was in pain but couldn't quite communicate it. It was both heartbreaking and extremely frustrating. I hate myself for getting mad at him for not taking it but he is just so stubborn about things (in general). Of course when I'd finally convince him to take the meds he'd feel better. He now no longer needs the meds but if it isn't one drama its another.

The new task is getting him to eat. He got so used to his soft-junk food diet that he is refusing regular food. He needs it. He is uber cranky and when he does eat he feels better and is fun to be around. Today he is back at school. I packed him a lunch and hopefully being with his friends will encourage him to eat. The boy lost weight and needs to gain it back. The younger brother is now heavier than the older brother!

The docs said it will be 2-weeks total before he is 100% healed. This is the beginning of week 2. If he can get most of his appetite back by mid week i'll be a happy camper. Until then he can drink full fat milk until the cows come home for all i care.

#2 If I haven't already mentioned i'll be heading to HI soon. We resided with the fact that we weren't going. airfare was insanely expensive and I could not justify the cost. My parent's even offered to pay half but I was not going to let that happen. However a couple of weeks ago a twisty chain of events occured and a generous relative of mine offered to fly the entire family out. I jumped at it, got my vaca approved and purchased tickets. Now i'm counting the days and cannot wait.

I feel like whenever we go for a long stretch without going to Hawaii I long for the island badly. Since the babies were born I seem to miss it more and more every year - this never, ever, ever used to be the case. We talk about moving back. But that's all we do is talk. It's hard to rationalize when we have very specific types of work skills and there really isn't any industry their to support it, for me especially. Rent is hella expensive and maybe we could buy something.....maybe, but doubtful.

We go back. We get nostalgic. Then something gets on our nerves and the light bulb goes off, "oh yeah, that's why we moved." We'll see if its any different this time.

#3 I'm feeling particularly fat and need to handle my scandal ASAP. This is not me feeling good and I want to feel good!

#4 D is turning 1 tomorrow! Fucking hell, where did the past year go???!!!! She is saying some words. She is taking some steps. She's kind of a bully. She loves saying, "no" and "mine." Sounds like we're going to be in trouble with this one!!!

Again I feel like life is passing me by. I've done a good job taking it in, as opposed to past years. Making the move out of LA was good. Life has slowed down. I've stopped to smell the roses and enjoying it. Enjoying life. Enjoying my kids. Trying desperately to slow time down.

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