my house is a mid-century modern house with a daylight basement. What's a daylight basement? Basically its a 2 story house in which you enter from the upstairs and the downstairs (which you would commonly call basement since entering at street level) is a finished, functioning part of the house as in any regular two story house. I believe daylight basements are common with homes on hillsides, like ours, since we are on the lower half of the street we enter at street level which is technically the upstairs.

All clear? I hope so because that's as much as i'm going on about it.

So the layout of the house is 2-bedrooms are upstairs and 2 (2.5) bedrooms downstairs. With 3 kids this is kind of a problem. My kids are small and ideally i'd like them to all be on the same level as me, which is upstairs. Right now we are set up on the same floor since the baby is still in my room. However I wanted to move her into her own room when she turned 1 (which is coming up). What to do?

I could put the baby in the boys room but I run the risk of them potentially waking each other up during the night (nightmares, bathroom break, snoring, coughing, crying etc....).

I could keep the baby in my room a bit longer. She's fine now and this could work but i'd like to reclaim the space.

I could move the boys downstairs and the baby into their room.

You would think with over 3500 sqft, this would be a no brainer but it's frustrating. the layout is not ideal for kids this young. If K was older and was fine being alone downstairs that would be cool but that's not the case. Right now the boys move in a pair; not up for discussion!

What to do? what to do?

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