Office Bathroom

An office bathroom is just that, the.office.bathroom. Go in do your business and get out. Move along, nothing to see here, folks.

A couple of things I don't understand.
  • Talking on your cell phone while in the office bathroom. why? Well we have "phone booths," private rooms with locking doors where you can make personal calls you don't want to make at your desk and share with your co-workers. AND this is a big one. It's a fucking bathroom! why do you want to talk on the phone while other people are peeing, pooping, farting, sharting what have you. You know, the person on the other end can probably here what's going on in the background, h.e.l.l.o., bathrooms echo! Also, it's kind of weird to be peeing and pooping while the inconsiderate fuck in the next stall is talking on the phone. People, hang up and take it to the phone booth or outside of the building. The office bathroom is not your private office.
  • Bringing food into the bathroom. Simply put, this is just gross. I once went to the restroom in the Burbank office, locked the door and was doing my buisiness when i glanced at the little contraption that holds the tp, trash can, seat covers and noticed a mcdonalds apple pie box sitting on the little shelf edge of the contraption. thinking it was trash i went to grab it to throw it out. The fucker was WARM! which meant someone brought it in with them, set it on the tp holder, and just forgot it but probably had the intention of eating it afterwards (i hope afterwards and not DURING the poop/pee process)! there is nothing i can say about this act except gross!
  • Reading material. What are you doing at work that you need to take reading material into the bathroom with you??? Tell me please, what.are.you.doing? Its work. get in, get out. 'nuff said.

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