Yesterday was T's birthday. He has no problem telling people his age. I just don't talk about my own. Until it isn't believable I will remain frozen in time. I'm happy with my age, I don't feel like I look it our act it. My lifestyle keeps me young. I wish I could say mt kids so but lets beer honest here, they are most likely the reason I have gray hair!
I let people assume my age and off they guess young I smiler and go along for the ride. I have yet anyone guess older, whew!
I think T looks younger than some of his friends, some of which who see older and some younger. And together I think in general people think we are younger than we are. Its obvious when they see us our we tell them we have 3 kids.
To me age is all in the head-just a number. I feel younger than I am which is good. When I was a young teen I thought my current age was"old" and cringed at the thought of one day being that "old." But fuck me its not that bad. Up to this point, life had been pretty awesome and with the kiss I expect our to get even more exciting.
Age is a number its how you live your life that counts!
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