Oh, Is that your baby?

Do people who have ugly babies now that they are ugly? I've had this conversation many time with friends and family members. I totally get there is a range of cuteness and I persoanlly equate it to the beauty of a model. There is undeniable beauty and than there is that strange/awkward/kind of off beauty (kind of like Illeana Douglas). But i'm not talking "ugly-pretty." I'm talking straight up, can't stop staring ugly baby.

So you see him/her. You look. No, you stare. You catch yourself staring and quickly tell your cohort, "OMG did you see that baby (and you know you have a just smelled a fart expression on your face)?" Now two of are looking in completely awe. But the minute that parent(s) turns around you smile, maybe even you wave or meekly say "Hi" to the baby in a sickly baby voice. God forbid you even eek out, "awwww....she/he's so cute, how old?" LIAR! Yep it could be blurted out. out of Shame. Out of panic. But whatever the case it was said.

Now, these parent's probably only ever here "what a cutie," "he/she is so adorable," etc. etc. etc. But really, do you think they know their baby is ugly? Or do you think they maybe thought their baby was ugly but had heard the above so often from so many strangers that they now believe their baby is not so ugly or just plain cute? Can these comments from unknowing passerby's really change their opinion of their kid?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the saying goes but cmon now everyone dreams of a having a cute baby but when your baby is not, then what? My idea of ugly may not be yours. Hell it may not even be my husbands idea of ugly. I like, no i embrace quirky features. What really freaks me out are babies with very adult like features. Stare at enough babies and you'll get what i'm talking about. Uber pointy noses, lack of baby-facial-roundness. Freak.Me.Out.!

Anyway, what if someone you knew had an ugly baby? Then what? I have a few friends that say all kinds of shit about their kids -when its your kid you can say whatever you like! (It's kind of like that one Seinfeld episode where the dentist wants to convert to Judaism so he can rightly tell off colored Jewish jokes!) Never did they out rightly say "my kid is ugly" but the line was nearly crossed with other statements. That's a tough one. No matter how close you are, even if you were related, it is awkward and potentially friendship breaking to pose the question.

So collectively we all have to suck it up, tell that stranger their ugly baby is cute and move on.

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