Things - the 9/30/2010 version

  • my smaller jeans are starting to fit
  • anticipating big changes now that im connected with mint.com
  • my baby is trying to walk!
  • K has a love/hate relationship with public school
  • K has asked to be enrolled in a drama program so he can be on TV some day
  • B skates and talks like he's from Valley Girl
  • B skated with a dude who ranked top 5 in X Games this year
  • T is building two mini 1/4 pipe ramps to skate at home this winter
  • i've broaden my cooking horizons
  • i've found solace in sewing
  • bonded more deeply with my boys these last few months
  • missing LA friends, one imparticular
  • have found a new friendship with an old highschool classmate whom I barely ever spoke with

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