My father has committed the ultimate, older person, email sin. He forwarded a butt load of lame emails. You know, those lists of stupid things kids say, stupid photos with ironic captions, jokes etc... I was annoyed. I opened the first one, rolled my eyes and deleted, all of them. A couple of hours later my mom called me and I asked if my dad sent them to her as well. Anyway, I complained about how he was turning into a relative of ours who is so guilty of this she should be employee of the week in the spam distro department!

Fast forward to this morning. My mom rings and tells me she told my dad i bitched about all his emails. My mom, tends to exaggerate when retelling, uhm paraphrasing something someone else says. So my dad is pissed, i'm pissed. He's offended. he totally took it personally. Then goes on to say that I post a ton of shit, constantly on FB! Ok, to totally different types of platforms! Anyway....My dad tells my mom that he only sent the best of the best, the stuff he thought was sooooo funny he had to share. And, he noted in the first email that he typed in, "if you want to be removed from my list of emails let me know." Hmmm, i explained to my mom, when one sends a crap load of email one after the other that first email, is at the bottom of the pile. So if people open from the top of the list to the bottom the won't see that disclaimer until the work their way down. If they are like me, they'll open the first realize its crap and probably delete all the other nonsense. I also explained that many people now get email on their phone. And that constant buzzing/chiming/alert is kind of annoying and the last thing anyone wants is junk mail on their phone. And yes I had to equate this to actual junk mail that gets sent to your house for her to understand.

My parent's aren't ignorant towards technology. They are proficient enough to understand that email can be a pain, especially when you get a lot each day, and you get it sent to your phone. My dad also told her that "nobody else complained so they must like it, since its the best of the best!" Uhm, I had to further explain that, my aunt who abuses this sends it to everyone in our family and then some...we ALL bitch about it, including my dad, yet NOBODY tells her to stop or to remove them. Therefore, my dad's thinking is false, nobody will say anything. Oh boy....what really pushed me over the edge was when my mom said that i should send a follow up email to my dad explaining my thinking! I told her let dead dogs lay. That is is ridiculous and I was trying to stop the insanity since no one else will speak up.


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