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In comparison to my Southern California office, the Pacific Northwest office is extremely casual. Lots of jeans, sturdy shoes and sweat shirts or pull over sweaters. I wear much of the same stuff I wore in SoCal and feel extremely dressed up. I probably am. I don't think so, its just everyday stuff. Imagine if I did "dress up?"

I've gathered that there is really a uniform to the PNW - excluding the ever present hipsters (whom I love!) Some favorites are:
Yoga Pants (cropped yoga pants during the warmer months)
fitted long sleeved tee paired with fitted fleece jacket (fitted fleece vest during the warmer months)
sturdy cross training shoes like new balances
Dansko clogs/sandals
Super drab/fallish colors (pumpkins, hunter greens, navy's)
omnipresent B.O.B. strollers
Fleece pullovers

I've owned Dansko's and god damn they are so kind to the feet! Individually many of those items are ok, but many of them are combined together... all the time. I'm not saying its horrible im just saying spice it up. everyone looks comfortable, and i'm 99% sure it is but everyone also looks the same. Anyway, this wasn't about it being good or bad but just my observation.

Let's talk about those B.O.B. strollers. They are everywhere and people aren't jogging with them. Its just their normal stroller. Why? They are so fucking big and bulky! Not to mention they look like a pain in the ass to maneuver. It's like, "hey i live in portland i must get a B.O.B." I don't have a B.O.B., don't want one. I had a Phil & Ted e3 which was so damn awesome for two kids but so damn heavy and not something I would want to haul around with just one baby. If you jog with your baby in tow, go for it. If not, why torture yourself with such a huge piece of equipment?

Wanna know what else PDX loves? Subaru's and Volvo's why? because nearly all their models come in AWD-and you kinda need it around these parts. Audi's sold in this area are only sold in AWD models but they aren't as prevalent due to cost limitations.

Not sure i'll embrace much of the ways of the PNW. Some I dont mind, others i've asked my husband to intervene should I cross the line.

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