Out of the Comfort Zone

This past weekend I ventured out of my comfort zone. I worked in my front garden for 2 hours. Pulling out weeds. Getting rid of dead leaves and plants. And general pruning. This is not normally my forte but I enjoyed working in the morning, sweating and being at one with my plants. The second thing I did this weekend, which is really far out of my comfort zone was going fishing! The kids have been asking to go fishing and just so happens our friend R takes his kids to a usual spot and we all decided to make an afternoon of it. Granted it was nearly 100 degress this weekend, we found a shady spot and settled in. Within the first hour we caught the first two (and last) fish of the day. The first was caught by R's daughter and my little K caught the second fish. The kids also caught a salamander and spent a good portion of the day playing with the slimey little critter! At the end of the day T and R cleaned the kids fish and all K could talk about was how he was gonna eat the entire thing for dinner. I fried it up, served it with some pasta and he went to town. I was so proud of him and I think catching that fish was such a boost of confidence and he is already plotting his return to the pond!!!

This past friday I visited a few thrift stores. Growing up I practically lived at thrift stores. I really love 'em. Chicago had some of the best thrift stores I ever visited. LA sucked! But PDX. Oh PDX....wonderful thirst stores. The further from the city you go the better they get!!!! Now that I re-introduced this back into my life - well this AND garage sales - there is no turning back. I've introduced my boys to thirft stores and they get so excited to go to them. They have quickly learned that their money goes much further at a thrift store! My youngest now asks, "when are we going picking!" I LOVE IT!

Changes are a swirling about - and I truly believe Change is Good!

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