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That last post....not what i had originally inteneded.

So WTF? Where did 2010 go? Seriously its July 2010 already!

I have officially experienced all four seasons of the Pacific Northwest. That was pretty fantastic. Of course there was lots of rain - which was totally welcomed especially after coming off a 10-year stint in LA. Lots of rain means lots of green. Fall was especially beautiful with all the leaves changing colors and falling all over the roads. I loved that we got to get bundled up in scarves and hats and gloves and coats. That was one of my favorite things in Chicago, the bundling. Not gonna lie snow! Seeing the snow falling and hanging out was beautiful! A pain to get around in but beautiful. Spring, oh spring. So beautiful! The cherry blossoms. The first garden flowers coming alive and waking to a new season. All the photos I took over Spring have far been the prettiest.

Our warm, sunny days are not taken for granted! We go out. We do stuff. We enjoy the warmth. Sun and no heat is such a cheap, enjoyable pleasure. Seeing Portland in its glory, like this, makes me remember why I wanted to move here. For every rainy day we have that beautiful sunny day that pops up is magnified by 10. I love it. Sun, fog, rain whatever I love it.

T is working out of the house. How he gets these at home jobs is beyond me. Sure I can do the same but I prefer to come to the office. Less distractions and for me that is so super important! But he hasn't worked for a "boss" in a long time. He's always been his own boss. He has been struggling with the being held accountable thing and answering to someone else. I laugh. This is what work is, this is what the majority of us have to do no matter the work environment. Having him have a "normal" job has been great. The consistent paycheck! I can budget. We can plan for fun stuff. Most importantly we can save!

I renewed my lease at my super fantastic hillside home! The last thing I wanted to do was move with a baby. Plus we don't want to move until we buy and we are not ready to buy. We don't feel like we are in the right mindset. Ideally i'd love to buy the house we're in now. There is a house we're interested in that is 3 houses over from us. We need to make arrangements to look at it. I know it hasn't been "updated" since the early 80s but that is reflected in the price and honestly I would rather it be that way so I can renovate to my taste! Is a mid-century ranch (yes! only a mid-century modern would top this), territorial views (we currently have city and river view), 4bed (perfect!), 2-story and there's an elevator (wtf?). I don't know, we'll see how that goes.

Now that its not as frequently wet I plan on getting back into my workout routine. I told myself that once we moved here I wanted to do more outside cardio and I want to keep my word. I have indoor stuff which is fine and dandy but i know i'll get the most bang for my buck outdoors. I'm actually looking forward to it. I gave myself a reasonable amount of time to get myself back into routine and we're now rounding that bend. It's been 6-months since le bebe so its about that time.

I heard my street has a pretty gnarly 4th of July party with illegal fireworks! EXCITING! My street is pretty awesome. Tons of kids, fun adults. They like afternoon beer/wine/prosecco!!!! Yes!!! Looking forward for the extended weekend.

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