Fuck FTD

My cousins funeral was this past Saturday in Hawaii. Sadly I did not attend. I feel emotionally torn by it. Melissa is,was, my baby cousin and my god-daughter and my entire family is grieving this loss together I would have liked to be involved. On the other hand I do have my own family to contend with and I've only just returned to work after a very extensive maternity leave. I don't have regrets. I've grieved on my own and still have moments of breakdown but closure hasn't completely come to me. I think I will reach that moment of closure when I go back to Hawaii and have the ability to visit her grave site on my own to say my goodbyes.

So on the the Fuck FTD part.

So a couple of weeks ago I checked out FTD's site because I wanted to send some sort of spray for the funeral service. We get a corporate discount which is why i zeroed in on this site. Anyway FTD offered same day delivery, even after I inputted the delivery zip code. Same Day Delivery. Hence no reason to commit right then and there. Anyway on Friday morning, the 4th, I log in to FTD to order the arrangement. (Keep in mind between the initial site scan and Friday I logged in a few more times to make sure that this arrangement was definitely a same day delivery, it always said it was). Friday morning I order my arrangement. I double checked the FAQs i checked and re-checked that same day delivery was good. Everything checked out perfectly. Got my discount. Got my email confirmation. I felt great about ordering this beautiful arrangement for Melissa from mi casa. Since I placed my order in the morning and all they required for same day delivery was a 6-hr lead time. No big deal. I requested they deliver on Friday night so they would be there on Saturday morning for the viewing and service.

Fast Forward Saturday morning. at 7am I receive a voicemail from FTD, as well as an email. They were unable to meet my delivery on Friday. No big deal I think, they have time to deliver this morning, it was still early in HI. I call them back. The CSR tells me that because my order was to be delivered in HI they couldn't make the delivery. I question the same day delivery, even after I inputted the delivery zip code, and even mention the 6-hr lead time. Plus I tell her no biggie it didn't get their on Friday night i need it today.
She says "no can do because the order is for HI."
I ask, "don't you outsource to local florist?"
"Yes, wed do."
"so what's the problem then, since the flowers aren't being flown in and there seemed to be no issue with the delivery date online it always said delivery was possible?"
"well, since the order was for HI the florist were asking for more money?"
"oh, so not only could you not honor your delivery time you can't honor your price as well?"
"I understand what you are saying but we attempted to contact you several times"
Fuck you FTD.
"Uhm actually the ONLY call I received from YOU PEOPLE was this morning at 7am via phone AND email and there was no mention other then you couldn't meet delivery for Friday and offered to deliver to another address. So, what do you have for me?"
"Im sorry and I understand. Would you like me to send the flowers somehwere else?"
"No. I didn't order a bouquet. I ordered a spray for a funeral. A funeral taking place today. A funeral for a relative in HI that I could not attend."
"Im sorry for your loss. Can we send some other flowers instead."
*at this point she didn't bring up my original order again
"Unless you have some arrangement, not bouquet, that is appropriate for a funeral service and can guarantee me it will be there BEFORE 11am i'm not interested."
"Again, i'm sorry (fuck you lady! enough with your apologies) but I don't know if I can make that promise."
"well then just refund me all my money!"
"I can do that. im sorry...(ugh fuck you.)"
call wraps up with no solution.
When T wakes up I tell him what happens and he gets on the phone with FTD to speak to a manager. I was livid and couldn't talk anymore. He rashese everything and the manager cannot do anything for us. They try to convince us to send a replacement but they cannot guarantee anything.

so fuck you ftd.com. and yeah follow that up with another big ol fuck you. Not only did you make a pretty shitty day shittier you pissed me off beyond words. I hope other catch on to your transparent same day delivery guarantees and your illegal practice of not honoring listed prices. If you didn't get it the first time FUCK YOU FTD.

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  1. That makes no sense. If they know they have problems with flower deliveries in HI, why not charge prices accordingly? Or make a statement somewhere on the website that AL and HI orders may contain surcharges, etc.? Stupid. Next time, go with 1-800-Flowers.