Say What?

I've poured over the local Hawaii news more then I should. There is no new information. I think I know as much as my family in HI knows. But regardless of what the papers or the news channels say Melissa is gone. She was to go to prom next weekend. She was suppose to graduate from High school in a few weeks. All that taken away from her in mere seconds.

I was 18 years old when Melissa was born. A high school senior, just like she was. Together we were the oldest and the youngest of the grand kids. I was her god mother.

Melissa had an older sister. Melissa was the baby sister. Now Marla is an only child.

My aunt. I feel so incredibly bad for my aunt. My ex-uncle. My cousin. The loss. The tragic loss. I cannot imagine what that loss is like.

Unexpected loss is the worst. You don't see it coming. In an instant someone is no longer there.

My baby cousin was killed. She didn't just die. She was killed. Tragically. Unexpectedly. Killed.

I cried. A lot. I cried at work. At my desk. In the bathroom. I cried in the car. I cried at home.

Melissa was a good girl. The girl that you knew would do the right thing. She helped you when you needed it. She followed directions. Melissa deserves to still be with us. Melissa will be missed. A lot.

Melissa died fast. She didn't have to suffer in a hospital. No prolonged pain. But Melissa didn't die. Melissa was killed.

My family is grieving together today. In Kailua. Im not with them. But grieving none the less.

Since I was 18 when Melissa was born I didn't see her grow up like the rest of my family. I have less memories. Good memories just not a lot. I've looked at pictures of her today. And cried. This tragedy has reconfirmed that life is fragile. It has made me realize how precious my kids really are. And believe me, holding my kids has never felt so good. Because of Melissa my appreciation of family has only grown today. Because of Melissa my heart swells even larger with love and compassion. Because of Melissa I realized that life shouldn't be taken for granted and that we should be doing what makes us happy.

Melissa is gone but will always be in my heart. Melissa will be loved forever and always remembered.

RIP Melissa

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