Back to the Norm

This was my first week back to work. Its been totally stress free. Just laying low and sorting through thousands upon thousands of emails. I had some "training" items I had to go over and handle some calls with my boss but all in all a good first week back.

D has been home with T. When both the boys were babies and I had to return to work they went to daycare/nanny. It worked for us, then. I feel like those people watching my kids got to see the boys develop in a different way then I did. By the time I went back to work, as it is now, they were 4 months old. Around this time this is where the rolling over, sitting up and in some cases the feeding of rice cereal begins. They got to see and do this more then me. Thinking about this made me so sad. I wanted to see this with D or at least have T be the one to discover it with her. The thought of not working or working part time has of course crossed my mind but really is not a plausible option. Luckily T has been able to re-arrange his current work schedule and stay with D (for now). I know daycare will be in her future but we are trying so hard to scale it to 2-3 times per week, part time. Having D home with one of us would be such an accomplishment for us and something we've been wanting to do all this time. I'm happy for T and i'm jealous about his current situation. But it works and its an awesome solution for us.

Portland has become so beautiful over the last few weeks. Daffodils and Tulips have been every where. The cherry blossoms came into bloom last month and the city lit up! My Japanese Maple tree has grown back some leaves and the driveway is awesome. The red leaves are so vivid, i'll need to start taking some pictures. Tomorrow will be a huge photo op day. We'll be going to a tulip farm for the morning.

So im totally late to the game but i've been listening to so much Lady Gaga lately. Her songs are so much fun! But those videos of hers are sooooo fantastically awesome. It's such good work music, makes my day go happily by.

I think im going to mentally start my weekend.

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