I've attempted to write this post about 4 times and every time I get distracted just after signing into Blogger. But with my recent wacky sleep schedule finding time shouldn't be as difficult, hopefully. Lot's of changes in my house.

After a mere 5-hours of labor my newest little bundle of fury was born on 12.7.2009. She is simply adorable and with her chubby baby face is so far looking like a nice blend of her brothers. The lil miss weighed in at 7lbs 15oz, she has golden blonde/lt brown hair with blue eyes. The birth went quick and with no problems. T and I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights knowing that it was going to be beyond chaos when we joined the boys and my mom at home. We soaked in the bad hospital TV, ate the hospital food, slept uncomfortably in the hospital bed all with lil miss right there with us. I chose a university hospital to have my baby and they were fantastic. Staff was young, helpful and totally informative. I had no "in your face" older nurses that wanted to tug and pull at every ounce of your body like I did having the boys at VHH. The experience, in general, was great!

The boys are totally psyched to have a baby sister and it seems like they are in competition with each other for whom loves her more. V is sooo helpful and loving to his sister and K is constantly making sure she is comfortable and seems to do most of the worrying for her. Other then holding her, for now, they are dying to feed her and burp her but not change her diapers. They desperately want her to crawl, grasp and hold toys and to hold their hands. We've explained that lil miss is still "new" and it will take a months but their baby sister will be more kid friendly soon enough. For now they are buying it. It makes me so happy to see my boys being so gentle and kind to their sister. This moment has been building up and they did not know what to expect. However, I think this is beyond their expectation.

After the baby's birth Christmas crept up on us real quick. We had 2 holiday pageants to attend. V's was very focused on jesus' birth (Lutheran School!) and K's was fun, typical holly, jolly fare followed by lots of sweets. We had fun at both and were even prepared enough to take photos and video. Mom has been with us all this month (and is still in town) and she was happy to join us in the pageants and the holiday. At this time of year I know the boys are thrilled to have her but were a bit disappointed that my dad wasn't able to come and visit too. Holiday air fare just plain sucks!

We all had a great Christmas. The kids made out like bandits and both received their high ticket items they have been begging for for months. As I noticed online it looks like many kids had a ipod touch/nintendo kinda christmas. I'm glad the kids are enjoying their gadgets and have quickly picked up how to use them. The one downside is the amount of reading one must do with some of the nintendo games (when they are rated E for Everyone) It's kinda ridiculous. I thought it was just us but T talked to some people he works with who have kids K's age and they are having the same issue with the E games. Ugh! We walk him through it but we want him to get familiar on what to click and how to advance through the game on his own. We shall see.

With the new babe around all that new baby emotion feels me without warning. All kinds of things makes me cry. I watched Deep Impact the other day and started bawling!!!! Everything is making me cry. I stare at little miss to long and I cry. I read about little kids...cry. You name it and I probably cry. Kinda sucks since im not a big crier but i'll pull through :)

This month we've been on complete sugar overload. Baked goods, ice cream, cookies. Its been so yummy. I've given myself until the end of the year to consume what I want but once January rolls around its back to a healthier regime. What's good for me will be good for little miss and I want to get rid of the extra poundage as quickly as I can, I really don't want to be wearing adjustable waist maternity plants for most of 2010!

Anyway its nearly 630am, time to get lunches packed. But with my jacked up sleep schedule I'm hoping i'll have time to blog.

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  1. congrats on your new baby girl! i'm glad the boys are taking to her and not wanting to sell her.