Officially Home

Yesterday was my first full day of maternity leave. I'm not going to lie I was bored. Bored out of my mind! This is why I worked as long as I did because if I went out any sooner I'd be pulling hair out by now. Daytime TV sucks so I don't want to just sit around watching the boob tube. I do DVR some shows but there's a lot of stuff that T and I watch together and I don't want to get a head start over him in watching them. So mostly i've been keeping myself busy cleaning and organzing. Then organizing and cleaning. I guess this is nesting but whatever. If the bebe isn't here next week i'll start in on testing my holiday baking recipes. I'm trying to save money this year and will be giving teachers, family friends etc...baked goods. I've found a nice selection of things to bake and am using only one staple: chocochip cookies.....mmmmm....i know my kids will love tasting this recipes, T...not so much.

Anyway Turkey day is here. Seriously, where does the time go. I mean I feel like i just moved to Portland and its already Thanksgiving. I turned down an invite to my friends in-laws place, mostly because I feel like a beached whale and i'm always uncomfortable. I also decided not to cook this year. Instead T and I ordered dinner from this great local restaurant and we'll be getting all the usual grub from them. But I am planning on making a pumpkin pie with the kids and even indulged their love of whipped cream and bought Redi-whipp, yep out of a spray can (the best!). The plan is to use the 4-day weekend to also get the house ready for Christmas. I'm so excited to bust out all the decorations!!!!

This morning I had my 38-week doctors appointment. Everything is progressing as usual. Im super heavy and round. The baby is maybe 7-lbs but not ready to pop out. Actually I want to make sure she stays cooking until my mom gets here next Thursday. I"m really keeping my fingers crossed. I have a Plan B in case the little one makes her entrance early but I'm hoping we won't need to go there I'd feel so bad for my friend as she has her own 3-yr old and is preggo as well. EEEeeeekkkkk! After my appointment I swung by Adriennes house and we went out for lunch at our fave hawaiian grill Roxy's, did some shopping and ran some errands. I miss spending time with her and am so glad we are neighbors again.

I feel like I need to apologize for my last post and practically hate rant on my man. He really knows how to push my buttons. I was actually planning on deleting the entry but I changed my mind. I figure it was my feelings of anger and frustration and I need to be reminded of it. This is life, real life and life is pretty fucking emotional sometimes. At some point it will fall off the page and be just another line entry. No bigs.

I saw New Moon on opening day. It lived up to my expectations and more. I'm so glad it was better then Twilight, as Twilight was really a terrible movie because an indie director was not the way to go. I love Catherine Hardwicks films but she was sooooo the wrong choice for Twilight. My hubbs was the only male in the theater and he totally got a kick out of it. I think i'll need to treat him to 2012 for being good sport.

anyone braving black friday craziness? I went to Old Navy today and they started their black friday sale today (unadvertisement) so Adrienne and I totally lucked out and scooped up some goods. I actually bought myself a few post-preggo outfits! Is this a good thing? No clue yet. We're debating if we want to hit up Target or Kohls on black friday. I think Target will win over Kohls due to the larger selection of merchandise. However we shall see if this even comes to fruition.

I think my kiddos are now sound asleep. I shall partake in some television which seems like such a treat these days!

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