I really need to get on the ball and update this page more frequently. This damn browser twitter app makes it to easy to slack and update on a whim. Here's a lowdown on what's been going on.

  • Found some great little restaurants in my area, these are generally within my to/from route from V's school. I think by far my fave is Marcos Cafe.
  • Im as big as a house now. And there will be no photographic evidence of this. No way, no how.
  • My baby sitter is fantastic and has been working out well. Although T and I need to find other things to do then just going to the movies. She's coming tonight and all i want to do is get a mani/pedi and grab some cheap eats downtown.
  • Excited by the change of seasons. Fall colors are so beautiful. I have a large Japanese maple in front of my house and it has gotten so vibrantly red its pretty amazing! My kids are really enjoying the leaf changes and can hardly believe their eyes.
  • Tomorrow my youngest son's school is holding a fundraiser called a Lamb Trot. Its basically one of those "marathon" type things where you run a little track for a specific amount of time and your sponsors pay you x/lap. Out of laziness I only hit up my mom for pledges and she opted for the flat rate pledge in fear T, who is participating, runs to many laps and she ends up paying more then she wants to. The In-laws should be contributing some pledges as well.
  • Shocked that Halloween is just around the corner! Once Halloween passes it'll all be downhill the rest of the year. Everything else just comes up so damn quickly!
  • I read this article about Hawaii schools today. I find it completely unacceptable!!!
  • Have I gloated much about acupuncture? Seriously it cured my migraines. Its been nearly two months since I had one and I was getting them weekly. I've been converted and am soooo a believer. What else can traditional chinese medicines do for me?
  • Im just about done with Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol. I've been slacking and will probably finish it this weekend. Im enjoying it but he sure does have his formula down!
  • People have been asking if T and I have thought of a name for the baby. I have a very short list and have been pretty vague about the whole thing. I think only 2-3 people really know the names on the table but nobody knows for sure where we are heading. Its cute that the boys have their favorites and even tend to like the same ones, which is very rare for my polar opposite kids.
  • BTW 7 weeks to go. Soon we'll be a family of 5.

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