LIfe Moves Pretty Fast...

I spent most of the week working from home due to multiple doctors appointments and just not feeling great so I spared myself the drive to work. Life's been good.

Im so psyched that starting today our daily highs will be in the mid-60s. Yes! The return of sweaters and scarves. The nights are a chili mid-40s and i love keeping my windows open just a little bit to let the chill seep in. I really love that feeling of sleeping in a freezer. We've been enjoying the chili weather so much that we haven't turned the heat on at all. Fall is officially here. The trees are turning a beautiful orange/red/yellow. The kids are totally amazed by this process. Our backyard has trees that are totally red right now and it is the most amazing color!

In preparation for the baby and potentially an icy winter I ordered an upright freezer for my garage. Now I can take my time filling it before the baby comes. I've been wanting an extra freezer for sometime, in CA we had an extra outside fridge but the freezer was regular size, it worked but I really didn't need the extra fridge space as much as the freezer space. The day I ordered it I was thrilled that Sears was having a 15% off appliance sale with free delivery!

The kids are great. K's drama may finally be over. He has been at his new school for a few weeks and is loving it! He has actually kicked T out of his class on occassion so he could stay longer. He specifically asks to be picked up late, as late as possible. Since his school also functions with an afterschool program they are open late for us working parents. Plus in the late afternoons they have clubs like cooking club and science club and construction club (wood working) so he likes to stay for those. I don't blame him, I would want to stay as well. We also have K enrolled in kung fu. We are hoping that this will help with his focus (or lack of would be more appropriate). He seems to be enjoying it and talking with other parents from kids in his kung fu group their kids suffered from a lack of focus as well and this seemed to help. So here's hoping. K's academics at school are doing great. His fine motor skills are getting really strong and his lettering/writing has made amazing improvement. He's even starting to learn to read which as a parent makes me so super proud of him.

V is still thriving at his school. Tells us stuff about God pretty regularly and out of the blue. So strange for us to hear but glad that he is enjoying the stories they are sharing with him at school. V is learning to write his letters which is pretty amazing. Makes me wonder what they were doing at their preschool in Burbank; i don't think they were really "teaching" them. Oh well, that's over with so no dwelling over that.

I'm now 31.5 weeks pregnant and all is well. I passed my glucose test for the first time. With the boys I failed and had to take that 4-hr blood test, ugh!!!! because my veins are hard to find the lab would always take it out of my hands which made me feel like a drug addict when I would return to work the next day. Nothing like teeny scabs and bruises all over the tops of your hands. I wrapped up my acupuncture treatments this week. I'm now seeing my chinese doctor on an as needed basis. Since he's not solely an acupuncturist but a traditional chinese medicine doctor I wonder if he could be my PCP??? He's the best doctor I ever had! Anyway regarding my migraines, i haven't had one in 6-weeks due to the treatments I was getting. my doctor is the bomb! I think my nesting instincts has kicked in. i can't sit still and always have the need to do something around the house. Yesterday i put together the crib! and started putting away some of the baby stuff (although I refuse to open packaging).

We know have a new babysitter. She's pretty amazing. She works at a preschool, her rates are awesome and the kids really like her. I have a standing weekly appointment with her which is our one true indulgence. This keeps our sanity and allows T and I to have some much needed 'grown up time' which usually means dinner and a movie and on occasion stuff like mani/pedi (yes, my husband likes the mani/pedi).

But as I started this post. Things are good. Looking forward to Halloween and planning on visiting a pumpkin patch/farm this weekend. The house has been decorated for Halloween. Been spending lots of time with one of my besties (who lives down the street but we're from the same town in HI). Still exploring my new surroundings and preparing myself for maternity leave.

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