As the white rabbit said....I'm Late for a very important date

It just hit me this morning that normally around this time of year i'm all done with my Christmas shopping. This year, I haven't even started!!!! I'm late and I need to get a going on it. I hate christmas shopping any later then this. Maybe once all my bills are paid, today or tomorrow, i'll be able to focus and kick out some christmas gifts. Since i'm not going back to Hawaii this year i'm not buying my bazillion little cousins gifts. I have a few friends whom I enjoy buying gifts for their families. Of course I have my parents and MIL. There's my kids which are easy. T and I normally don't buy each other individual gifts instead we buy something we both want for example a Wii or a piece of art something along those lines.

I'm just bummed at my own procrastination. I know i've been preoccupied but still this isn't like me. Time to put a timeline on myself so I can be done with my xmas shopping!

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